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India’s first IKEA will deliver your goods in solar-powered rickshaws

When it comes to sustainability, IKEA is one company leading the innovation charge. From their incredibly beautiful sphere-shaped Growrooms that encouraged IKEA devotees to not only embrace grow their own produce but also their living spaces; to their Copenhagen-based lab, Space 10, which is dedicated entirely to innovation, it’s safe to say they have the whole ‘save the planet’ thing on lock.

And now that they have an Indian store in Hyderabad, they’ve taken it a step further with a fleet of colourful, IKEA-emblazoned rickshaws that will deliver brand-new homewares straight to your door. Currently, the rickshaws make up 20% of the entire delivery fleet but with the sale of electric vehicles going through the roof in India, the goal is to have an entirely electric fleet by 2023.

The three-wheeled vehicles are battery-powered and are designed to charge via the 4,000 solar panels installed on the top of the 400,000 square-foot IKEA store. While regular rickshaws use fossil fuels to run, IKEA is not only committed to charging up their own vehicles but also hope to provide electric charging to customers and employees of the store, too. And since 4,000 solar panels generate a lot of electricity, any surplus will be used in the store itself for important things like lighting and power sockets.

Now, more about the rickshaws themselves which are honestly, the colourful dream you’re hoping they would be. The exterior has been painted in the iconic IKEA blue and yellow while the canopy and seat cushions feature a colourful patterned fabric. The small size may not allow for deliveries of larger objects (that’s what the vans are for), but the small size of the rickshaws means they can zip through the city with the same ease of a regular rickshaw.

IKEA hopes to open a further 24 stores in India by the end of 2025 and we can only hope these beautiful, environmentally conscious rickshaws will be rolled out across all of them.

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