15 times you’re guaranteed to have the ultimate foodie experience in Portugal

Portugal is one of the best hidden gems in Europe, and one of our favourite things about it is all of the amazing foods and flavours that are waiting to be explored.

Savoury? Got it. Sweets? Nailed them all with creamy custardy goodness. Meats? As many as you can fit in each dish. And the spices and flavours? Truly legendary and unique.

The best news? You can throw yourself into plenty of foodie experiences on our new Portugal City & Surf Trip. Here are 15 instances where a trip to Portugal will leave your taste buds tingly and your tummy wanting more…

15) When you sink your teeth into the warm custard and pastry of a real pasteis de nata

Image source: Unsplash

14) When you learn the delicious simplicity of a good arroz doce for dessert

13) When you rip into your first juicy and perfectly seasoned piri piri chicken

12) When you opt to up the spice level and have your taste buds rocked by a spicier piri piri

Image source: Wikimedia

11) When a natas do ceu takes you right from dessert into heaven

10) When you realize you never actually hated sardines, you’d just never had them Portuguese style (when they’re actually delicious)

9) When you discover that port is the wine that will turn you into a wine lover if you aren’t already

8) When you've finally tried every flavour of Sumol and you realize it’s basically Fanta but better

7) When a Francesinha completely changes your idea of what a sandwich is with its delicious steak, sausage and ham

Image source: BlogTO

6) When you try a real Portuguese salt cod and discover what cod is supposed to taste like

Image source: Wikimedia

5) When you pack your suitcase full of chewy Sugus candies because normal Starburst just won’t compare

Image source: Wikimedia

4) When you reach a new level of coziness with a bowl of caldo verde, filled with potatoes, sausage and collard greens

3) When it’s the holidays and your first bolo rei completely changes your negative opinion of fruit cake

2) When you dig into a Cozido a Portuguesa stew and get your fill of meats, potatoes and greens

1) And when you have some Licor Beirão and feel the pride of Portugal coursing through your bloodstream

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