Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative

Berlin Refugee Voices

In 2015, a Berlin-based tour guide noticed an increased interest among her tour groups in the issues facing refugees. From this, Berlin Refugee Voices was born - unique walking tours led by Syrian refugees, taking travellers to places of historical significance in the vibrant city of Berlin. The guides draw parallels between Europe in the 20th century and what has happened to Syria in the 21st, using Berlin’s turbulent past to help travellers gain a new perspective into the attitudes that Syrian refugees face in today’s world. Travellers will hear first hand the story of a Syrian refugee, the struggles of displacement and the challenges of creating a new home in a new city, giving them an experience of Berlin from a new perspective.


Unseen London Tours

Unseen London is a social enterprise working with homeless, ex-homeless and vulnerably housed Londoners. It not only supports the local community, but provides unique city walking tours, hosted by men and women who have experienced homelessness in London. The guides know the secrets of London’s winding historic alleys better than anyone, and will show travellers a fascinating city not usually seen by tourists. Travellers will be taken to Covent Garden in the heart of London’s theatre and arts district for a unique insight into the city’s culture, while supporting the Unseen London enterprise and its members.


Cascais Street Art Tour

This Cascais street art tour in Lisbon showcases the culture of a Cascais neighbourhood that was historically regarded as dangerous and blighted by poverty. The local street artists knew the perceptions of the place were unfair, so they started a project of regeneration, creating an urban art gallery unlike anywhere in the world. Travellers are taken on a walking tour through the neighbourhood, hosted by residents, to learn about the street art in the area, the artists who have created it and what they hope to change with their art - supporting ongoing development in the neighbourhood.


Haukadalur Valley Reforestation, Iceland

Iceland has suffered intense deforestation throughout its history, with forest coverage dropping to as little as 0.5% by the early 20th century. The Iceland Reforestation programme is located in the Haukadalur valley, a geothermal wonderland on the popular Golden Circle route. As part of a Golden Circle tour, travellers will get to reduce their carbon footprint and leave their mark in Iceland by planting 5 trees each in the valley.


Coach travel

Aside from being one of the most sociable forms of travel, there’s another reason we choose to go by coach - it’s far more sustainable. Coach travel consistently tops the list as the greenest travel option, especially when you’re travelling on one of our Euro 6 coaches. The most advanced of their kind, Euro 6 engines use a product called Adblue to convert dangerous fumes into a mixture of water and nitrogen, products which are harmless for the environment. 100% of our Europe fleet are now Euro 6 coaches, and we are working towards rolling them out across the rest of the world as well.

Plastic recycling on coaches

Every Contiki coach travelling the roads of Europe is equipped with rubbish collection bags which our Trip Managers use to collect plastic waste accumulated from our travellers. We then store this waste, waiting until we reach a recycling station where we can dispose of it responsibly.