Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative

Coach travel

Aside from being one of the most sociable forms of travel, there’s another reason we choose to go by coach - it’s far more sustainable. Coach travel consistently tops the list as the greenest travel option, especially when you’re travelling on one of our Euro 6 coaches. The most advanced of their kind, Euro 6 engines use a product called Adblue to convert dangerous fumes into a mixture of water and nitrogen, products which are harmless for the environment. 100% of our Europe fleet are now Euro 6 coaches, and we are working towards rolling them out across the rest of the world as well.

Plastic recycling on coaches

Every Contiki coach travelling the roads of Europe is equipped with rubbish collection bags which our Trip Managers use to collect plastic waste accumulated from our travellers. We then store this waste, waiting until we reach a recycling station where we can dispose of it responsibly.