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Volunteering Tours

To volunteer abroad or engage in ethical travel experiences can turn a holiday into something far more memorable. We get so much out of the incredible places we visit, but there’s nothing more rewarding than giving something back. Our volunteer holidays and ethical experiences are a way to discover new things about other cultures and communities, whilst discovering new things about yourself.

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If you want to make your travel experience really mean something, we’ve got some eye-opening Me to We sustainable travel opportunities on some of our most popular trips.

Take our Galapagos and Andes trip – where you can breathe in some of the most biodiverse beauty spots in the world in one spectacular volunteer program.

After exploring Quito and the deepest Amazon rainforest, it’s time to discover the secluded, mystical Minga Lodge, where you’ll meet your Me to We rep. Me to We are the gold standard for volunteer travel, and they’ll help you meet local community members and learn about all the amazing initiatives that are working so hard to improve the lives of locals.

Even on the trips we offer that don’t centre around volunteering, we offer ethical travel experiences that work to offer something to our core Contiki Cares pillars of People, Planet & Wildlife.

Whether it’s visiting a women’s cooperative in Iran, counting sharks in the Galapagos or cleaning up beaches in Australia, we make sure that sustainable travel is at the forefront of everything we do. Plus, from 2019 all our team on the road will have our new Contiki water bottle, that provides safer drinking water wherever you are, helping to eliminate single use plastics. We’re even subsidising 50% of the cost of the bottle so all of our travellers can pick one up and stop using plastic bottles when it isn’t necessary.

No matter which trip you choose, our volunteering trips and sustainable experiences deliver magical, life-changing experiences that leave regular holidays in the shade. Don’t just leave a footprint; leave a positive impact.


Can I volunteer abroad for free?
A volunteering trip abroad can be life-changing. As well as seeing an incredible, authentic side to a travel destination, you can also give something back to the communities you visit while learning vital life skills. It's tricky to volunteer abroad for free, as it usually incurs costs, but there are low-cost volunteer programmes out there. Alternatively, you can do your volunteering as part of a larger trip, like on one of our ME to We expeditions.

How much does it cost to volunteer abroad?
The concept of volunteering abroad is increasingly popular with young travellers, who want to break down boundaries, escape their comfort zone, learn new skills and genuinely help the communities they visit. It can cost from 200 - 2000 dollars to volunteer abroad for just two weeks, depending on the programme. Volunteering in a poor country like Nepal will be cheaper than volunteering in a richer country like Brazil. Alternatively, you can do you volunteering as part of a larger trips, like on one of our Me to We adventures.

What are the best volunteer abroad programs?
There are many great volunteer programmes across the world, from African Impact (healthcare) in Zambia, Frontier wildlife conservation in Madagascar, Childcare in South Africa with GoEco and empowering women in India with Volunteering Journeys. Then, there's our incredible Me to We volunteer trips. These combine unforgettable travel experiences in Latin America and Asia with volunteering adventures with Me to We, that help to support the local communities you visit.

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