13 times you’ll fall in love with Contiki’s Swiss Chalet

Contiki's Swiss Chalet, nestled in the cozy comfort of the glacial valley of Lauterbrunnen, is right in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Truly, it is the real deal, and you need it in your life, stat. Will it steal your heart? Oh you betcha...

When you hear about how Contiki founder John Anderson discovered the spot.

We won’t spoil the whole story, but it involves a dark and stormy night in 1962…  A man named John Anderson – accompanied by one of the first Contiki groups ever – stumbled upon the spot while lost in Switzerland, pitched camp on the side of the road and was awoken to his beautiful surroundings by a very confused farmer.

When you look out your bedroom window for the first time.

That view and that fresh mountain air are an instant stress reliever.

View out the window

When you spend your first night in the Bombshelter Bar.

Because a stay in Lauterbrunnen isn’t complete without a night decked out in all red & white at the Swissco Disco.

When you ride the Jungfrau railway.

Those mountain tunnels aren’t made for the meek.

When you have that amazing cheese fondue for the first time.

You’ve gotta experience the authentic stuff in Switzerland, and it’s a great thing to share with good friends and even better red wine.

When you realize you’re surrounded by 72 thundering glacial waterfalls.

Awesome, right? Being around a waterfall with all of its colliding water molecules and positively charged ions is supposed to brighten your mood, so 72 are bound to put you in your happy place.

When you reach the top of Jungfrau Mountain and feel like you’re on top of the world.

Those views from the top will get you every time. When you’re 4159 metres up and looking out onto the Swiss Alps, stunning Swiss valleys and that gorgeous blue sky, it really hits you that you’re at the TOP of Europe.

Mountain Views

When you experience the Ice Palace and channel your inner white walker.

There’s more glacier ice that you’ll know what to do with up there.

When the serenity and the mountains really get to you.

And you’re suddenly entirely stress-free in Switzerland.


When you give it your all at the Interlaken Adventure Park.

Ropes will start out as your enemies and become your friends.

When you release your inner LOTR fan and set out on your own adventure.

J. R. R. Tolkien hiked from Interlaken to the Lauterbrunnen Valley in 1911. The landscape of the valley later provided the concept for the LOTR valley of Rivendell.

Climbing Mountains

When you venture behind the Staubbach waterfall and see the valley from a completely new perspective.

Photo ops galore.

And when you inevitably realize that Lauterbrunnen and Switzerland are your new happy places.

You’ll be back, 100%.