5 of the best European cities to celebrate Pride this summer

Looking for the very best parties in Europe? Everyone knows there’s no bigger, better or more beloved event than Pride, and Europe arguably takes the rainbow bejewelled crown. If you’re a believer in equality, love and hella good times, hot step your way to one (or all) of these 5 European Pride events:


From one of the world’s most liberal cities, would you expect anything less than a world class Pride from Amsterdam? Around 350,000 revelers join the crowds every year for a week of parties, talks, poetry jams, open air cinema screenings, and of course the city’s most defining event, the Pride Canal Parade. Around 80 boats take part in the parade, whilst party goers line the route and enjoy the spectacle.

When? July 29 – August 6

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As the gay capital of England and holding the title of UK’s biggest Pride festival, you know already it’s gonna be good. Boasting potentially the most eclectic range of events imaginable, you could spend your Brighton Pride checking out the dog show, experiencing the very best of LGBT cabaret, getting down to the likes of Years & Years or the Pet Shop Boys at the Summer of Love festival, or of course spectating the main event; the Carnival of Diversity Pride Parade, which brings together 200,000 participants and spectators from every walk of life to celebrate one thing – love.

When? August 4 – August 6

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Think Greece is all ancient history and Mediterranean vistas? Well yes, you’d be right, but it’s also got another trick up its sleeve – it knows how to throw a killer Pride, in Athens. If you’ve ever been to Greece you’ll know those guys know how to throw a (plate smashing) party, so you can just imagine what happens when you throw events like flash mobs, Dragaoke, and the main parade from Klafthmonos Square into the mix. That’s right – one MASSIVE, rainbow coloured, not to be missed partayyyyy…

When? June 6

How do I take Part? With Contiki, as part of their Greek Week Pride program


Previously claiming the title of Europe’s biggest Pride event, Madrid is going one step further this year by hosting World Pride, thereby making the 2017 event the world’s biggest LGBT community event. Pretty impressive, huh? Over 3 million people are expected to take part or spectate this year’s main parade, whilst an extensive range of activities will also flood the city’s main streets and squares. Like music, dance, performing arts, literature, sports, discussions, and being part of a positivity movement? Best get yourself to Spain, stat…

When? June 23 – July 2

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Idyllic beaches? Check. Wall to wall sunshine? Check. International DJs? Check. Part LGBT celebration, part dance party festival, XLSIOR is pretty much exclusively about partying in various vista ticking open-air venues across the island whilst intermittently lazing on beaches, munching on gyros, and generally having a LOL a minute. Where do we sign up?

When? August 23 – August 30

How do I take Part? With Contiki, as part of their Greek Week Pride program

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