These are the tattoos people get after travelling on a Contiki

Just when you think you’ve found the best travel souvenir ever, you learn about the awesome tattoos people get on a Contiki trip and the envy sets in immediately. We’re all for spending our money on experiences rather than things, but when it comes to celebrating your Contiki trip with a tattoo, you get the best of both worlds.

Whether you’re moved by the beauty of a brand new place, solidifying a bond with your travel besties, acting on a total whim or proclaiming your eternal love for travel, nothing says #NOREGRETS like a travel tattoo.

Here are the stories of 50 brave and legendary souls who will be carrying their Contiki trip with them for life:

Plane and Simple

Samara C.

“I got this on my second European Contiki. The second last day of a 46-day tour. Me and 4 friends went into a tattoo shop in Amsterdam and all walked out with brand new tattoos.”Samara C

Samantha B.

“Finished my Contiki and wanted something to remember my adventures in Europe travelling by myself, yet meeting some of the best people you could imagine in some of the best places.”Samantha B

Daniella H.

“Packed up my life when I was 17 to move to the other side of the world and follow my love. Went on a Contiki and found my place in the world being always on the road, finding new places and just being free. At the end of last year, I decided to get a permanent reminder of my love of new things and self-discovery. Big thanks to Contiki for helping me discover this!”Daniella H

Tamara P.

“My first trip overseas I did Contiki in New Zealand and had the most amazing time of my bloody life, so good that I’m currently on Contiki again in Europe!”Tamara P

Stacey J.

“Post-Contiki blues lead me to this tattoo. To turn dreams into a reality and always have a holiday booked and a new adventure to look forward to. Don’t just do the ordinary, do the extraordinary.”Stacey J



Michaela C.

“I got this in Amsterdam last year on the last day of my Contiki tour. I have the biggest desire to travel the world and have ever since I can remember.”Michaela C

Jessica S.

“Got this done on my first Contiki in New Zealand basically because I love tattoos and I love to travel and it’s always gonna remind me of that amazing trip and the friends I made and to never stop travelling.”Jessica S

Katarina P.

“Got my 1st and only tattoo during my 2nd Contiki trip in Ireland 2016. It was the last day of our tour, which ended in Dublin, so a bunch of us decided to head out to Temple Bar and find a tattoo place in the area. I have a passion for travel so I thought there would be no better way to honour that passion than with a tattoo. I love this simple tattoo with all my heart and I do not regret getting it one bit.”Katarina P

That one time in Amsterdam

Sara M.

“Got this in Amsterdam on a whim when walking past the tattoo shop! It means to be homesick for somewhere you’ve never been before.”Sara M

Kimmer F.

“Got drunk during the show in Amsterdam with my boyfriend, decided to add tequila to that and ending up getting a tattoo in the Red Light District.”Kimmer F

Kaitlyn P.

“I did the Ultimate European in 2015. Had the time of my life. A few people from my group all got tattoos in Amsterdam :)”Kaitlyn P

Alicia N.

“I got this little piece in Amsterdam on a Contiki tour! So fun.”Alicia N

Zade C.

“Amsterdam memories!”Zade C


Tyler F.

“Got this done on my #ukireland Contiki a few weeks ago in Dublin with 5 girls on my trip… Knew I wanted a new tattoo and this one just stuck out and felt right.”Tyler F

Bonnie M.

“I got this tattoo at Far Out Beach Resort in Greece on my first overseas trip, something I never thought I’d ever be able to do on my own at 19 years old, but I conquered.  Wherever you go, go with all your heart #ultimateeurope.”Bonnie M

Chelsea R.

“I have a thigh piece I continue to add to everywhere I go. I started off with the outline of the map in Vietnam, then I added an English rose, compass and stop clock while I was travelling around Australia and recently added a turtle from my dive trip in Bali. There’s more to it than you can see on here and much more meaning to why I got the symbols and who I got them with!”Chelsea R

Nathaniel M.

“In 2015 I went on 4 Contiki tours as part of a big round trip of Europe. My first tour’s song was ‘I Lived’ by OneRepublic, and it basically summed up my great experience so got the maps inked and the lyric ‘I swear I lived’.”Nathaniel M

All the Sites

Lauren B.

“On my first trip overseas (last October) I went to Europe with Contiki, our first stop was Amsterdam and one of the girls and I who had known each other for all of a day and a half decided to get tattoos during our free time (her first, my second). We then proceeded to pay and had to run to get to the bus on time, we also got lost on the way back not knowing how to navigate the Red Light District. By a lucky coincidence, we also became roommates for the rest of the tour! Erica P, still one of my favourite decisions!”Lauren B

Renee M.

“Shows most of the countries I went to in Europe last year on a 33-day Contiki tour! Was literally the best time of my life and met my fave Brittany C, so obviously I had to represent that in a tattoo. I’m hoping to go on more holidays and represent them with future tattoos!”Renee M

Travis L.

“Contiki 2010 lots more tatts to get but I’ve only started the arm this year.”Travis L

Britt T.

“My favourite places on my 45-day Contiki last year!”Britt T

Yael B.

“Beginning and end point of Contiki European Discovery Tour 2013.”Yael B

Hannah L.

“After doing 2 Contiki’s in America, I decided to get this tribute to the states down my whole side! These trips changed my life, taught me that I can do anything I put my mind too, and not to be afraid of the ‘what if’s’. I had an absolute ball and met some great people while travelling solo.”Hannah L

Contiki Squads

Sean V.

“Met these boys for the first time in London before our Ultimate European tour. Safe to say we got along like a house on fire (loving Jäger helped). From having Jägerbombs on the ferry from Dover, to asking for shots of Jäger in Venice and getting shot glasses full of it and finally accidentally finding out that Jäger and Fanta were the perfect mix in Vienna, we decided our second last day in Amsterdam was the perfect time to make a lasting memory. Love these boys Anand P, Blake G, I’d tag the last **** but no one knows he has it.”Sean V

Hannah B.

“My friend Ariana and I met in Asia last year during our Asian Adventure. Since then we have continued to travel together. This January we met in Chicago and decided to get tattoos together! Mine is ‘miles to go’ with a paper airplane. It’s a quote I love and also means I have miles in my life and around the world to go. You can throw a paper airplane but you can never be sure where it will land!”Hannah B

Josie L.

“Anna N and I ended up on the same flight over and back from our Bali Contiki last year. I had saved a picture of a turtle before my trip. When I showed Anna she loved it! Turtles were the one creature everyone desired to see on our island trip. On our last day, we ran around trying to find a “not seedy looking” tattoo place, didn’t even realize there was one right near our accommodation the whole time. They were so nice and did the best job. We now have ‘matchy matchy’ foot tats, much to my mother’s disgust.  #NOREGRETS!”Josie L

Michaela C.

“This was in Mykonos. Us girls – 4 English girls, myself (Aussie) and a Kiwi girl – all decided to get a matching tattoo so when we look at it, it reminds us of our time together and the little family we had become in our short 10-day Greece tour.” Michaela C

Taylor G.

“Paige, Deanne and I basically planned this before we even met! We were chatting in the meetup and when we met, decided we needed tattoos! And why not when in Thailand! We headed over to the Phi Phi Islands and were chatting to our tour manager over dinner and a few drinks about where the best place was. We were shown the best place on the island to get a bamboo tattoo and straight away chose the tattoo we ended up getting. In Thai, it symbolises good luck and protection. After we had a power outage as we were getting the stencils placed on us we knew that this was definitely the tattoo for us! I’m so glad we did it because I know our friendship will be lifelong! Thanks Contiki for always creating the best friendships!”Taylor G

Kirsty H.

“Emma B., Court M., Amie W., Hannah J. and I all met on a Contiki in America. We all got matching tattoos at the end of our 2nd Contiki together in Athens last year!”Kirsty H

Chelsea R.

“January this year my best friend and I did the Eastern Discovery trip in the USA. We fell in love with the place from the beginning, but along the journey, I found my favourite place. Sunny, busy, and full of palm trees, Miami definitely exceeded my expectations. I knew, despite the many photos and memories, I had to get something to forever remind me of this amazing place. So off we go in the Uber to one place you’ve got to see in Miami, Miami Ink. I convinced my friend to get her very first tattoo here, while I added to my collection. Matching palm trees with my favourite person in my favourite city.”Chelsea R

Lee H.

“Me and my bro got this bad boy on our first Contiki trip. Scott S., what an adventure!”Lee H

Dayle L.

“5 of us met on a European Vista in 2015 and automatically clicked! We spent every chance we could together on the tour and became amazing friends. We all went our separate ways after the tour, living in different states and for a little bit, different countries. We have all kept in touch and meet up with one another wherever possible. I myself never would’ve expected to go on the tour solo and meet some of the most amazing people ever, who quickly became my best friends! We all got matching tattoos of a compass (or variations) at Prague Ink! #paddingtons” Dayle L


Alicia H.

“I got this after a solo Contiki to Scandinavia/ Russia back in 2011. Just a little reminder that if I could get on a plane alone and travel to the other side of the world, I could do anything.”Alicia H
Stacey J.

“Contiki 2016 I met some incredible people and had an amazing and unforgettable night with new friends. I never wanted the night to end, therefore, I have the coordinates of where the magic took place, tattooed on my inner arm. I truly fell in love with Barcelona.”Stacey J

Jess H.

“My first time going overseas I decided to do a Contiki in Greece! It was the most amazing experience and I met so many great people that I got the Greek eye as a reminder. This trip opened up the travel bug and I have since been overseas another 2 times in the last 7 months (one more Contiki) and am planning my next!”Jess H

Elaina R.

“Got home last week from my 2nd Contiki trip! My sister and I spent 3 weeks in Costa Rica. We feel in love with the country. The amazing food, friendly people, and of course the breathtaking sunsets. I got this tattoo to remind me of our adventures and to always carry part of Costa Rica and my amazing Contiki memories with me forever.”Elaina R

Mia C.

“Travel has been a huge part of my life – I am about to do my 9th Contiki next month so I got this done, the stamps are actually ones from my passport. Only chose a few to put on there coz my leg would be full of them otherwise! Have added a few more stamps since.”Mia C

Travel tattoos

“The reason why I got this tattoo is because this was my first trip overseas and wanted to get something meaningful to remember this trip. I wanted a tattoo that was funny so when people asked ‘why’ I could tell them how amazing it was. It’s basically a caricature of Dario, my Trip manager.” 

Travel tattoo

“I got this tattoo to tell people that suicide is not the answer. Life continues and goes on no matter how crazy it gets. You live everyday but death is forever, so keep on living.” – Brandon


Sam D.

“Went to Thailand last year, lost my bank card before getting tattoos without knowing so one of the girls we were travelling with had to pay for them.”Sam D

Carla B.

“A month before my Contiki trip I had just gotten a new tattoo and didn’t have any plans to get another anytime soon… But that changed on my South Island trip of New Zealand. Two words to summarize my time, particularly my time in Queenstown, were ‘Sh*t Yeah!’ It was the perfect response to any question and came in handy quite often. On my last night of the tour, I decided I wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate the trip. So I posted in our group page asking if people could write ‘Sh*t Yeah!’ on a bit of paper and give it to me or send a photo no questions asked. I then picked my favourite writing and the next day was sitting in the tattoo parlour getting someone else’s handwriting on my foot. Danielle was the lucky winner whose writing I chose! My parting gift to her was a bit of paper with my signature and ‘Sh*t Yeah!’ written on it. She promised she will be getting a matching tattoo once her parents get over the other one she’s done.”Carla B

Jordan H.

“From the start of our Contiki, me and my best friend said we would get tattoos in Amsterdam. Finally got there and couldn’t think what to get. Then this popped into my head. Lyrics to our day song. Perfect!”Jordan H

Katie W.

“James M. and I got drunk in Prague, then got a tattoo in Budapest saying ‘I f*cked up in Prague!’”Katie W

Bonnie B.

“I got a snowflake in Norway because I went on a Contiki around Europe and then to Norway in winter so thought why not bring a snowflake home with me.”Bonnie B

Sharni W.

“Solo Contiki in Thailand, pretty sure I was still drunk, Phi Phi islands antics, 6 hours all up not sure how I managed to find the time! Still my fav tatt!”Sharni W

Nicole F.

“I got this in Portugal after being on the Mediterranean highlights trip. A pine tree for Canada, and the other two for the awesome countries we went to.”Nicole F

Kay G.

“I got this compass on the last night of my Grand Southern Contiki, down in New Orleans. Quite literally 5 mins before I got it I was on an airboat cruising down the Mississippi looking at gators with some of the most amazing people I could wish to meet. Those two weeks were the best experience of my life and I couldn’t come away without a permanent reminder.”Kay G

Zac P.

“Got this beauty in Berlin after our last Contiki after hearing the story behind ample man #NOREGRETS!”Zac P

Lee S.

“I was in Thailand and got a very important year in my life tattooed with bamboo! This will forever be my favourite tattoo on my body.”Lee S

Ricky F.

“Me and my mate Brandon got these in Rome over the new year on our European Encounter.”Ricky F

Shevaun J.

“Got this in Croatia after sailing around for 7 days! Best week of my life! My Contiki tour guide had an anchor which I really wanted. I was debating whether to go to Ultra Music Festival, but decided to spend money on a permanent memory. I met some other Aussies and they held my hand and we had a beer afterwards. My star sign is Libra, so I needed to be balanced and got 2! The plane is on the left as travel is close to my heart #NOREGRETS!”Shevaun J

Do you have a tattoo you’ve had inked on or post Contiki? Post it in the comments below!