The 9 celebrity parties that went horribly wrong

Bust ups, hair on fire and a mysterious inflatable doll. Anything and everything can go wrong at a celebrity party…

Justin Bieber vs Orlando Bloom

Let’s face it, who hasn’t wanted to punch the Biebs in his face at some point over the past few year’s? The infamous bust up happened at a party in Ibiza, but what most people don’t know is that Miranda Kerr wasn’t the cause of it. Oh no, a certain bearded legend was actually the reason for Bloom’s fisticuffs. The story goes, Orlando and Leo DiCaprio were partying together, when Bieber approached them. Leo shooed Biebs away, prompting him to verbally lash out. Bloom returned the compliment by punching Bieber square in the face. Ouchie…

P Diddy’s hairy situation

Everyone knows Diddy loves to throw a good party, but what’s the cardinal rule of a good knees up? NO OPEN FLAMES. Diddy learnt the hard way at the launch of his ‘Last Train to Paris’ album party, when he invited over 200 guests into a small, cramped penthouse and lit some candles to enhance the ambience. Inevitably, what happens when hairspray and open flames meet, happened, and a models hair set on fire. We’ll bet that was the last tea light he ever lit…

Gaga’s drunken guest

We imagine Gage can tear it up with the best of them, but when a drunken Adam Lambert rocked up at her birthday party as the Scissor Sisters plus one, danced on top of the tables and attempted to smear birthday cake all over her face, the monster queen wasn’t having any of it. Security ‘politely’ escorted Lambert out, leaving Gaga to rave it up with the rest of her marginally less inappropriate guests.

Paris Hilton’s lost birthday cake

No one likes a party crasher, least of all Paris Hilton. To celebrate her 30th birthday, Paris forked out an incredible $3,200 on an absinthe laced cake that tied together her Moulin Rouge themed party. Enter the gate crasher “Paz” who allegedly stole said cake and made a swift exit. Poor old Paris didn’t get to have her cake and eat it after all…

The Justin and Britney dance off

There once was a time of double denim his and hers outfits, sickly sweet stories of Disney Kids Club cuddles and promises of no sex before marriage (yeah, right). But, inevitably, Justin and Britney were not to be, and pops cutesiest couple went their separate ways. Post breakup, Justin and Britney supposedly had an emotionally charged reunion at a nightclub, which saw them promptly begin arguing about Justin’s new girlfriend. Once the bickering calmed down, the two then took to the dance floor and allegedly commenced a 90 MINUTE dance-off. Yes, an hour and a half of awkward dancing. Oh how we would have loved to of seen it.


Probably the most exciting thing to ever happen at the Met Ball and definitely the most exciting thing to ever happen in a lift – LIFTGATE. Oh you know what we’re talking about – Jay Z, Solange, Bey, the bouncer and THAT lift footage. Will we ever know the real reason for the fight? Probably not. Will we speculate and assume Jay was playing elsewhere for the rest of eternity? Probably…

Zuckerberg’s data overload

If you’ve ever wondered what goes down at a Facebook party, get a load of this. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was infamously arrested in 2008 for swallowing over 400 megabytes of data at a private party, and then promptly passing out on a strangers lawn. Well if that’s how they get their kicks down in Silicon Valley, they can keep their trillions of dollars and brainy kickstarter schemes!

Leo’s laps of glory

At the release party of ‘Gangs of New York’, Leo infamously dragged a stationary bike onto the packed dance floor and set a personal best of 12 miles in 45 minutes, burning over 600 calories. He must have had a real heavy dinner…

Jonny Depp, John Cusack, Hunter S. Thompson and Ling Ling the inflatable

So not exactly a party story, but one we felt compelled to include for it’s total bonkers-ness.

The story goes, many years ago John Cusack, Johnny Depp, and Hunter S. Thompson (author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) took to the streets of LA in a convertible. Hunter had a blow up doll he called Ling Ling, and had decided it was Ling Ling’s birthday. The three stars set out in Hollywood, showing up at random dive bars, taking photos with everybody, and singing Ling Ling happy birthday.

Later in the evening a police car reported, “A man in the intersection of Sunset Blvd. mercilessly beating a blow up doll.” When accosted, Hunter responded, “It was this strumpet’s birthday, we’ve taken her to all her favorite old haunts, and she’s been nothing but ungrateful.”

The officer let Hunter off with a warning. Some speculated as to the truth of the story until somebody stepped forward with a blurry photo of Hunter, John, and Johnny out and about holding, you guessed it, a blow up doll.

As much as we love a party that goes wrong, we love a party that goes right even more. If you like the sound of a French Chateau, an exclusive set from chart topping electronic duo Flight Facilities, some helicopter antics and one hell of a crowd who are up for anything, you’ll love this Contiki Legend. Check out the video of this money can’t buy legendary party right here.