The Travel Project is a celebration of the reasons why it is so important to travel. Featuring the works of millennial content creators across multiple storytelling platforms, The Travel Project seeks to show how travel has the ability to create better humans. It’s about exploring and learning about the world and the topics and trends that matter most, and discovering how travel has the ability to evoke a positive change, whether that be on a global scale, or just within yourself.

Who's Involved?

The Travel Project is centred around creative storytelling, so we’re teaming up with content creators from all around the world, working with them to explore the ways in which travel makes you a better human being. These people could be world famous public figures, all-star YouTubers, in the know bloggers or just those with a travel story to tell. Or in other words, you.

What content are we looking for?

We’re looking for stories from those who want to have a voice within the travel community. If you’re looking to get into travel writing, are a self-taught Final Cut Pro whiz kid with a passion for videography or maybe you just love the way in which travel connects you to the world, we want to hear from you. We’re looking for the stories that tell how travel, either across the globe or just in your own back yard, has shaped and defined the person you are today. Perhaps you spent a year teaching English in a foreign country and you have some sweet tips to share, or maybe you took a trip that changed the course of your entire life and you want to inspire others to do the same. We want stories that make us laugh, make us cry, but most of all that help us learn about the people, places and things that make our world so incredibly unique. These stories can be written articles, photo essays or in video form, and most importantly of all remember that we want to learn about YOU. Let your creativity go wild…

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What's in it for you?

Put simply, an opportunity. Once you’ve filled out and submitted the form below, we’ll be getting in touch with those who we think are most compatible for The Travel Project. Successful applicants will see their content published regularly right here on six-two, giving you access to a global audience of travel hungry readers. We will also be publishing our favourite stories across Contiki’s social media channels and, best of all, every three months we will be awarding one contributor with a free Contiki travel experience (plus flights), where you will travel as an official Travel Project ambassador.