Travel Tip: Pack an “Essentials” Kit

Ever woken up with a splitting headache or nicked your finger accidentally? This, and many other minor accidents, can occur during your travels (but not always!). Don't Macguyver a bandage out of a piece of toilet paper. We are all about precautionary measures here at Contiki (did you get travel insurance yet?), especially if you are traveling to a country that may not have these essentials readily available for you.

Here is a great checklist of items to keep in your carry-on or your checked luggage, in case of emergency!

Facial Tissues

Facial tissue isn’t just for runny noses. The versatile pack of paper can serve as substitute toilet paper when the public restrooms run out (or they don’t offer any at all!), or be a handy clean-up tool for any spills that may occur while on your trip.

Aspirin or Headache medicine

Resting well may not be able to stave off that killer headache.  There isn’t usually any type of headache medication available on the coach, so you should definitely pack your preferred aspirin or headache medication so you can nix any of that pounding in your head when you’re about to see the world!


Go on, bring those bacon-shaped bandages or Hello Kitty ones with you – they’ll not only be functional, but they’re fun too.  Not only do bandages cover up nicks and cuts, but you can cover up blisters too.  They can always do wonders to seal up small holes in plastic carry-on liquids bags or as labels for items you have to identify.


No one wants to be sick when they’re on vacation.  Feeling ragged and run down is the worst when you’re on the go – so perk up your system.  Whether you take Emergen-C, Airborne, eat gummy vitamins, vitamin cough drops, or just prefer the regular ol’ thing – boost your immunity and keep your vitamins for those times when you’re feeling less than stellar. Pack some peppermint, which is great for acid indigestion too!

Sewing Kit and/or Tweezer Kit

A sewing kit is for a different type of emergency.  Fix buttons on your pants, close up a ripped seam, or use the thread to keep track of jewelry items and keep rings and other knick-knacks together.  Tweezers can be used to pluck eyebrows or remove splinters.


You’d be surprised how rare it is to find deodorant, especially if you’re visiting Asia.  If you prefer to smell baby-powder fresh when the temperatures start to soar, then be sure to pack a travel-size deodorant for the road – you won’t regret it and you won’t feel icky throughout the day.

Cough drops and/or lozenges

Sore throats be gone!  You can even double up and get the Vitamin C throat lozenges to keep yourself from getting a scratchy throat.  Whether you’re screaming from excitement at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or singing the night away at a karaoke bar, protect your pipes!

Hand Sanitizer

Your Biology teacher always told you, cold weather doesn’t caught colds, germs cause colds!  Try to avoid cold-causing germs in public places by zapping them with a sanitizer.  A travel-size pack of hand sanitizer with you can be put in your carry-on luggage and a little goes a long way when hand-washing stations aren’t available.


These are just some (somewhat obvious) essentials you should have on you when you’re traveling – or even in your every day life!  Many of the items can be used in multiple ways and it’s better to have these items on you than to leave them at home!  Safe travels, stay healthy, and have fun!