Is this the ultimate Game Of Thrones travel itinerary?

We don't know about you, but the prospect of GOT season 6 is sending some spine-tingling feels. Will Sansa have all her legs intact from that fall? What the actual F did Arya do? Is Jon Snow dead or resurrected?

To keep the magic alive before the premier on 24th of April, we thought we'd journey to Westeros and beyond to compile the dream GOT travel itinerary, complete with some of the series most recognisable filming locations...


Where to go: Plaza de toros de Osuna, Seville, Andalusia

Recognise this place? We thought you might. Home to one of the most intense and bloody thirsty scenes of series 5, Plaza de Toros doubles up as the slave fighting pit of Meereen where Khaleesi FINALLY does what we’ve all been willing her to do since season 1 – fly on a dragon.


Where to go: Alcázar de Sevilla, Andalusia

Can you guess the fictional destination for this lush, palatial paradise? If you guessed the Water Gardens of Dorne you’d be correct! The private residence of House Martell, in real life the Alcázar de Sevilla offers a tranquil reprieve from the often times stifling Andalusian heat. Add in Jamie Lannister strolling around the gardens and this place is pretty much perfection…

Alcázar de Sevilla


Where to go: Vatnajökull

The foreboding, other worldly glaciers and desolate snow scapes of Vatnajökull are the epitome of the bleak land North of the Wall. Cold, desolate and empty, Vatnajökull has an almost Martian quality to it in its hostile landscape, so pretty much a home from home for those pesky white walkers.

Vatnajökull Glaciers


Where to go: St. James Cathedral, Šibenik

The home of the many faced God, St James Cathedral in Šibenik, Croatia takes on the role of the House of Black and White in Braavos (AKA Arya’s new home). To our knowledge it doesn’t contain the removed faces of thousands of lost souls. It is however a pretty spectacular creation.


Where to go: Dubrovnik

No GOT location round up would be complete without a nod to the medieval city of Dubrovnik. The iconic setting for the ficitional city of King’s Landing, Dubrovnik’s rugged coastlines, historic castles and breathtaking scenery make it the perfect setting for the spiritual home of the Iron Throne.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Northern Ireland

Where to go: The Dark Hedges

Probably the most beautiful avenue of beech trees in the world, the Dark Hedges featured heavily in Seasons 1 & 2 as the road to King’s Landing. It was underneath these tangled beauties that Arya, disguised as a boy (we were never convinced) made her escape from King’s Landing. In real life, these trees can be found on the way to Gracehill House, a rambling Georgian mansion set in the heart of the Northern Irish countryside.

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
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