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10 awesome Irish names you’re probably pronouncing wrong


Think your name is hard to pronounce properly? It’s about time you took Gaelic for a spin…

Traditional Irish names are notorious for appearing really difficult to pronounce, but, just like Ireland they’re beautiful, mysterious and shrouded in mythology. Here are ten names to practice before you visit the Emerald Isle:

1. Caoimhe

Pronounced: Key-va

Meaning:  Gentle


2. Niamh

Pronounced: Neev

Meaning: Radiant

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3. Seamus

Pronounced: Shay-muss

Meaning: Supplant

English version: James

4. Sioban

Pronounced: Shiv-awn

Meaning: God is gracious

English version: Shevaun, Shavon, Chevonne

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5. Máirín

Pronounced: Maw-reen

Meaning: Star of the sea

English version: Maureen

6. Tadgh

Pronounced: Tyge

Meaning: A poet

English version: Timothy

7. Síle

Pronounced: Shee-la

Meaning: Musical

English version: Sheila

8. Pádraig

Pronounced: Paw-drig or paw-rick

Meaning: Nobly born

English version: Patrick

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Ireland is the perfect destination for the curious traveller

Ireland is the perfect destination for the curious traveller

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9. Aoife

Pronounced: Eee-fah

Meaning: Beauty, radiance

English version: Eva

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10. Eoghan

Pronounced: Ow-an

Meaning: Young fighter

English version: Owen


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