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What to do with 2 days in Dublin

Things to do in Dublin: Explore the Guinness Gate with a man.

Dublin, the energetic capital of Ireland, is inundated with attractions that continue to captivate and engage travellers all over the globe. Fetching museums, remarkable architecture, buzzing shopping hubs and colourful gardens; there is always a new experience awaiting discovering in this atmospheric city.

Only got 48 hours in Dublin? No problem: here’s how to spend them.

Day 1


Early in the morning, we drove into Dublin, had some breakfast, and arrived at Killmainham Gaol, an old prison now open as a museum to the public. The prison was opened in 1796 and housed various rebellion leaders before its closure in 1924. We arrived at the prison, found a park not far down the street, and bought a ticket for the next tour available.

Throughout the tour, we wandered through the eerie corridors, glancing into various prison cells. We visited various common areas, and stopped by the location where guards would execute prisoners. The tour was fascinating, and provided us with a great insight to some of Ireland’s eclectic history.

A prison cell in Dublin with a spiral staircase.

Around lunchtime, we drove back into Dublin, and began wandering through the city’s vibrant streets. We stumbled upon the beautiful St Patrick’s Cathedral. We strolled throughout the colourful, lively gardens surrounding, and enjoyed the remarkable architecture of the structure. Nearby was an abundant range of cafes for us to enjoy some lunch, and relax.

As the late afternoon rolled around, we headed over to Grafton Street. The active lane was lined with an array of souvenir shops and restaurants for us. We plotted up and down the street, browsing through the shops and finishing the day with a delicious Irish meal.

Day 2


On our second day in Dublin, I was super excited to visit the Guinness Storehouse, home of Ireland’s famous beverage. After deciding it was probably a bit early for a pint, we travelled into the city and stopped by the national botanical gardens. We wandered through the extensive parkland, admiring the flourished setting surrounding us. Although this journey to the gardens was initially a way to pass some time, it was ridiculously peaceful.


After spending some time at the botanic gardens, we drove to the Guinness Storehouse, of course getting some photos in front of the iconic logo and gates before heading inside (did you really go to Dublin if you didn’t take that picture?). The tour involved an overview of how Guinness is made and how the beverage grew into the beloved phenomenon it is today. Tasting experiences were available, and we finished the tour with a complimentary pint of Guinness at the gravity bar (win!). Located on the top of the storehouse, the bar provided us with sweeping, unique views of Dublin City – the perfect way to wrap up our time in Dublin.

A group of clocks hanging from the ceiling in Dublin.

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