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7 awkward moments we can all relate to during the holiday period

It's the season for awkward moments.

Ah Christmas, a day of joy and happiness, and absolutely no stress… Oh wait. 10.47am on Christmas Day and it’s time for awkward questioning and a heated game of Monopoly.

“But isn’t Christmas a day for spending time with your family, gift-giving and indulging in delicious food?’ I hear you ask. Well yep, maybe if you’re the family pet or have the patience of a saint. 

There, I’ve said it. The festive period can bring a lot of awkward moments. Whether you’re spending it with friends or family, we bet everyone can relate to our top seven most cringe-worthy moments…

1. When someone loses their sh*t during board games

Monopoly. Well of course, it’s a good old board game that causes all the aggro here in Britain. I mean, is it even Christmas Day if you don’t argue over the banker cheating in Monopoly? ? Cue your cousin storming off…

*Top tip: Buy every property you land on* – it’s 100% guaranteed to annoy everybody. 

2. When your personal life becomes fair game

Family time also translates to grilling time, and if doesn’t for you then count yourself lucky! “How’s work? Are you dating anybody? Why aren’t you married yet?” Blah blah blah… deep breaths.

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3. When you put on your best ‘fake-grateful’ smile

You get a present you hate and your lips are twitching from all the fake smiling. Obv you don’t want to seem ungrateful for that weird kitchen utensil/paperweight/ugly jumper buuut… And what’s this, you recognise the gift you’re opening… from when you wrapped it up last Christmas?! The MOST awkward moment. I mean, I’m all for recycling BUT come on guys. *Wraps up present for colleague next year.*

4. When you’ve got yourself a festive hangover

Acceptable or not? Is there anything worse (in your family’s eyes) than waking up on Christmas Day with a dry mouth and a headache? Probs not. Although, it does mean you can pop your sunglasses on, begin the day with a glass of Champers (orange juice optional) and eat everything in sight…

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5. When you can’t decide between a BBQ or all the trimmings

In the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas falls at the beginning of summer, so everyone’s torn between a roast dinner with all the trimmings or a BBQ with all the fresh seafood? Decisions, decisions.

Whereas, in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s full-on indulgence with a roast dinner and ALL of the trimmings – roast potatoes, turkey, gravy, cauli-cheese, parsnips… OK I’ll stop.  

My (predictable) verdict as an English gal: As delicious as sinking my teeth into fresh seafood while catching some rays sounds, IMO you can’t beat a cosy morning in, a homely roast and a frosty dog walk in the countryside. Gosh, I’m SO basic. 

6. When you revert to your childhood self

“Can you just help with the washing up?”, “Can you peel the vegetables?”, “Well, what time will you be home?” When you’re going home home for Christmas, you probably picture yourself laying on the sofa, indulging in all the Christmas chocs while your family panders to you.

In reality, it’s probably only like this for the first day. In no time, you’ll be back to your usual chores and trying to negotiate a later curfew! Hello, teenage years.

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7. When you just want to RAID THE FRIDGE

“Don’t eat that, it’s for Christmas Day!”. The fridge is full to the brim with ALL the Christmas food, ideal. But the fear of eating something without asking your mum makes you feel 10 again. Dammit, why does food always taste so much more delicious when you’re stealing a piece before it’s served?! 

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