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Thinking about travelling solo? When it comes to solo adventure missions, everyone has different attitudes and opinions. For some it’s the dream of a lifetime, ultimate liberation and freedom of self. For others it’s a more daunting idea. Appealing yes, but in reality actually quite terrifying. If you’re thinking of travelling alone but are being plagued by these feelings of anxiety, check out the 6 benefits of travelling alone…

Ultimate Freedom

One of the best things about travelling solo is that you get to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Don’t want to go to an art gallery today? Visit the market instead! Want to stay out all night or catch a few extra zzz’s? Ain’t no one telling you what to do. You get to call the shots and spend your time doing what YOU want to do.

Friends, Friends, Friends

While travelling, it’s inevitable that you’ll meet heaps of new people. Being away from your normal group of friends puts you outside of your comfort zone. You can’t sit back and let the conversation happen, you have to go find it, get involved and let your personality shine. Travelling solo puts you in situations that at first you may feel uncomfortable with but trust us, you CAN go over to that group of friendly looking peeps and just start chatting away. It’s kind of the unwritten rule of travelling.


Maybe not in terms of the history of France (unless you pay close attention) but you’ll definitely learn more about yourself and what you’re capable of. Being out of your comfort zone and your everyday expectations of yourself is a fantastic thing as it opens up a whole new way of thinking and seeing the world. After all, what could be a bigger confidence boost than knowing you can survive in a completely foreign county on your own?

New Challenges

Didn’t think you’d ever be able to navigate your way through the New York City subway system or through the rabbit warren streets of London? Well, you might just surprise yourself. When you’re in a different country you face new challenges that from the outside might seem impossible, but really, actually, you know you got this.

Trying new things

You might end up going on that white-water rafting day trip or paragliding the Tyrol – those once in a lifetime experiences that you never would have done if you’d been in the comfort of your own country and friends. Because hey, YOLO.


Zero drama (unless you make it)

You’re not with your usual friends so wave goodbye to the regular drama – no crying on night’s out or dependant friends that need taking home. You’re there for you and you alone, so the only drama you’re going to experience is if you make it (after all there’s nothing wring with a TINY bit of drama…).