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Adventures without boundaries: 10 suprising benefits of solo travel

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Thinking about travelling solo? When it comes to solo adventures, everyone has different attitudes and opinions. For some it’s the dream of a lifetime, ultimate liberation and freedom of self. For others it’s a more daunting idea. But even the biggest skeptics might change their minds once they discover the surprising benefits of solo travel.

Because solo travel isn’t just about being alone. It’s about setting off on an adventure without worrying about the schedules of your friends and family – of putting yourself in new situations that might seem scary at first, but ultimately become cherished memories.

If you’re thinking of going alone but are being plagued by feelings of anxiety, have you ever considered travel with Contiki? With 200+ trips to choose from, you can join solo but travel with a group of awesome people from around the world. Then, all you have to do is bask in these 10 surprising benefits of solo travel

Ultimate Freedom

One of the best benefits of solo travel is that you get to go where you want to go, when you want to go. Bestie can’t get time off? Friends impossible to organise in the group chat? Set off solo and give them FOMO on your social feeds.

Take this chance to break out of the routine of your everyday life and come out of your comfort zone as well. Where you might normally get active as soon as the sun comes up, why not take it to another level and go for a spot of skydiving. Add some spice to your life, ya know?

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Friends, Friends, Friends

While travelling, it’s inevitable that you’ll meet lots of new people. You can’t sit back and let the conversation happen, you have to go find it, get involved and let your personality shine. Travelling solo puts you in situations that at first you may feel uncomfortable with, but trust us, you CAN go over to that group of friendly looking peeps and just start chatting away. It’s kind of the unwritten rule of travelling.

Don’t be afraid to meet new people or strike up conversation with locals either – most will be happy to exchange with you and you might even pick up some new phrases or fun facts along the way! None of this can be achieved if you stay locked up in your shell however…

Ever feel anxious about travel – and especially solo travel – in general? Why not check out some top tips to manage travel anxiety (from a meditation teacher, no less).

Knowledge and Discovery

Maybe not in terms of the history of France (unless you pay close attention) but you’ll definitely learn more about yourself and what you’re capable of. Being out of your comfort zone and your everyday expectations of yourself is why solo travel is such a fantastic thing as it opens up a whole new way of thinking and seeing the world. After all, what could be a bigger confidence boost than knowing you can survive in a completely foreign country on your own?

New Challenges

Didn’t think you’d ever be able to navigate your way through the New York City subway system or through the rabbit warren streets of London? Well, you might just surprise yourself.

When you’re in a different country you face new challenges that from the outside might seem impossible, but really, actually, you know you got this. (And even if you don’t, you can always rely on a Contiki Trip Manager to know the way to the next incredible experience).

A group of young people laughing in front of one of the best places to visit in Italy.

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Trying new things

You might end up going on that white-water rafting day trip or paragliding the Austrian Tyrol – those once in a lifetime experiences that you never would have done if you’d been in the comfort of your own country and friends. Because hey, YOLO.

Future Polyglot

Is there a language you’ve been wanting, trying, and failing to learn? Now’s your chance. By far one of the best benefits of solo travel, you’ll be forced to immerse yourself in the culture of a foreign country and rely on locals for any help you might need. In doing this, you’re bound to be faced with a language barrier, but we know you’ll smash right through!

Pick up some new phrases, practice the vocabulary that you already know, and sharpened those language skills. Not only is this a great extra skill to have in your back pocket, but the locals will also really appreciate you speaking to them in their language (even if you might not always get everything right).

Travel your way

As nice as it is to have a travelling companion in the form of friends or family, it can be such a hassle. Organisation? Forget about it. Plans fall through in group chats all the time and dates never line up. 

At least when you’re travelling solo you can take as much time as you like, any time of year, and go anywhere you want! No need to wait for schedules to align once in a blue moon. On top of that, travelling solo allows you to be super flexible and you won’t be arguing over which museum to visit or where to have your last dinner. No compromises, just your deepest desires.

kayaking in South Africa

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Taking a break

One of the most rewarding benefits of solo travel is that it gives you time to get away from it all and just reset. Escape a stressful job, get away from the humdrum of mundane life and see the world. Giving yourself time to disconnect and grow and explore in a new place is also amazing for your mental health. Think of it like a breath of fresh air.

Personal Growth

The accumulation of some of the previous points: challenging yourself, achieving self-discovery, and taking care of your mental health all equates to a beautiful chapter of personal growth. 

If anything you just need to leave for a little bit so you can return home all shiny and new! Collect some new knowledge and fun facts, expand your culinary palette, make friends across the globe. Don’t stay stagnant, allow yourself to flourish! 

Zero drama (unless you make it)

You’re not with your usual friends so wave goodbye to the regular drama – no crying on night’s out or clingy friends that need taking home. As fun as drama and a little gossip can be, when you’re in your own company you can have a breather from it all. You’re there for you and you alone, so the only drama you’re going to experience is if you make it (after all there’s nothing wrong with a TINY bit of drama…).


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Travel with Contiki

What’s this? A secret 11th benefit? No, but it’s an easy and amazing way to bask in all 10 benefits of solo travel! Contiki is the world leader in social travel for 18-35s, and the top choice for young solo travellers across the globe. We do it all, road trips through Europe and the USA, island hopping and temple running in Asia, safaris and beach days in Africa, and so much more.

You’ll get to brush up on your languages, discover things about yourself and other cultures, join solo and make new friends with no drama at all. All you have to do is book and we take care of the rest, baby.

Check out our trips for solo travellers between 18-35.

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