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The best food spots to hit up in Queenstown, New Zealand

best food in queenstown

There are many reasons Queenstown is considered one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. Not only is it the adrenaline capital of the world, but it’s also home to some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever lay your eyes on. More than that, Queenstown is an absolute foodie’s dream. And when you travel to Queenstown with Contiki, you’ll have lots of free time to indulge in local eats with your new travel buddies. Each spot on this list provides ridiculously delicious creations that will have you drooling just at the thought of them (consider this your fair warning). Here’s our guide to the best food in Queenstown, New Zealand, for you to hit up on your next visit.

1. Fergburger

Sampling the Fergburger menu has pretty much become a rite of passage for travellers visiting Queenstown. Sure, it’s not mandatory, but you’d be wild to travel through this town without hitting up the most iconic burger joint. From the Ferg Deluxe with prime NZ beef and streaky bacon, to the tempura tofu Holier Than Thou vegetarian burger, there are heaps of options to try.

If you’re planning to try Fergburger during peak times (lunch, dinner, you know the drill) be prepared to wait in line – but rest assured that the line moves quickly. If you’d prefer to skip the queue, you’ll be thrilled to know that Fergburger is open for 20.5 hours of the day, from 8 am to 4:30 am, meaning you can try one of their legendary meals at pretty much any waking hour.

Fergburger in Queenstown

Image source:Contiki

2. Taco Medic

If you’re in the mood for street food, you can’t beat the craft taqueria Taco Medic on Searle Lane. Be sure to sample a few tacos when you visit, including The Kōura with lime-seared prawns and The Bushman with six-hour slow-braised pork belly.

With just a handful of spots to perch in this small eatery, your best bet is to order your tacos to go and walk 100m to the famous Queenstown Bay around the corner. Tacos and a view? What could be better than that!

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3. Fergbaker

Yes, right next door to the world-famous burger joint is an equally impressive bakery boasting delicious desserts, pies, pastries and bread. Their signature Boston Cream Donut is to-die-for, while their mouth-watering Ferg Pies are sure to satisfy your late-night food cravings. Their gourmet sandwiches are also the perfect addition to your backpack if you’re heading off for a classic day of Queenstown adventures and want to bring your own lunch.

Pro tip: If you’re planning to join the long lines for Fergburger during peak times, pick yourself up a little snack from Fergbaker to keep the momentum going.

4. The Bespoke Kitchen

With stunning views of The Remarkables and Queenstown Bay, this café has hit the scenic jackpot – and it’s easy to reach, with the hillside locale taking just five minutes to reach from the centre of town. Their seasonal all-day menu offers all of your brunch favourites, with special touches, such as eggs benedict with apple cider hollandaise or strawberry floss pancakes with rose water chia jam and seed & pistachio maple crunch.

5. The Cow

Who doesn’t love Italian? The Cow may be a long way from Italy, but the food in this rustic establishment is still delicious – making it one of the best places to eat in Queenstown. The ambience, the pasta and pizza is the stuff of dreams, while their garlic bread could inspire us to become poets. A big loaf of bread baked to perfection and smothered in garlic? We’ll take two please!

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6. Madam Woo

Serving up Chinese and Malaysian-inspired street food in a bright, inviting restaurant, Madam Woo is a must-visit in Queenstown. Taking inspiration from traditional Hawker foods, some of their best dishes include Pulled Sticky Pork Hawker Rolls, Honey & Soy Tossed Squid and Nasi Lemak. You’ll be heading home with a warm, fuzzy glow and one hell of a food coma after dining here.

7. Stratosfare Restaurant

While this may be a little on the pricier than other spots on this list, it’s worth splashing the cash at Stratosfare. Stratsofare offers a generous buffet meal with all the options you could wish for. Their menu is inspired by iconic New Zealand cuisine, infused with international influences—we’re talking everything from locally sourced wild meats to seasonal vegetarian dishes. There’s even an entire room dedicated to desserts. And don’t even get us started on the most incredible view of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu.

Cookie Time is a Kiwi institution, having served up their first batch of cookies in 1983 and opened their first Cookie Bar, in Queenstown, in 2010. Hot, gooey cookies that melt in your mouth; cookie-inspired milkshakes and delectable s’mores – this hot spot is a dessert-lovers dream. To complete your Sesame Street-style transformation into the Cookie Monster, head down to the eatery for their happy hour between 6pm – 7pm, when you can get two cookies for $3.

9. Fat Badgers Pizza Bar

We have one word for you: pizza. Fresh dough, rich tomato sauce and all the toppings you could ask for. This is the stuff of legends. Offering 12- and 20-inch thin-crust New York style pizza, Fat Badgers has become notorious among backpackers. Whether you’re after a late-night or post-night out feast, Fat Badgers has got you covered. From vegan to vegetarian, meat lovers to picky eaters, there won’t be anyone left hungry when visiting this place.

10. Devil Burger

Devil Burger might not be the, ahem, most famous burger joint in town, but it’s definitely worth a visit. Offering a wide range of truly enormous burgers and wraps, filled with all manner of delicious ingredients (think everything from Moroccan Lamb to the eggplant-based Poison Ivy), this one gets a thumbs up from us.

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