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10 best Valentine’s Day getaways in the world

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Choosing a Valentine’s Day getaway for your loved one is always super exciting – but it can also be a big challenge. There are so many details to sort out, like: How far in advance should you book the trip? Where should you actually go? Is your partner going to be free to travel during that time?

It’s definitely a bit of a calculated gamble, but we’re here to help out with at least one part of the equation. The team at six-two have managed to narrow down the (un)official list of the best Valentine’s Day getaways in the world. So, if you’re ready for romance, fun and adventure, here are some of our favorite destinations to visit as a couple:

10. Greece

What better way to surprise your loved one than with a romantic getaway to the Greek Islands? Santorini, Paros, Mykonos. No matter which island you choose to hop on, there’s no way you can mess up a Greek holiday, with all the sun, pristine, sandy beaches and clear-blue water they have going on. 

valentines day trip to greece

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9. The Balkans

While not necessarily a traditional choice, the Balkans definitely have their charm. Seeing the romantic architecture of Budapest, the myriad of colours that make up Ljubljana, and then topping it all off with a delicious dinner in Croatia is a surefire way to their heart. There are plenty of affordable trips to the Balkans, so do your research and make sure to book in advance.


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8. Zanzibar

Another beach paradise awaits: enjoy a romantic getaway in Zanzibar and watch the waves come alive in the vast Indian Ocean. No surprise here, but Zanzibar has quite a lot to offer in terms of Valentine’s Day trips for couples. What better way to reconnect and get away from it all than on an idyllic beach retreat? Relax under a coconut palm, bathe in the turquoise waters or sign up for a day of snorkelling, if you’re feeling adventurous. 


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7. Argentina

Take the Valentine’s break of a lifetime with a round-trip to Buenos Aires, Iguassu Falls and Rio de Janeiro. Learning the tango together promises to be completely electric. And there are plenty of spots for romantic dinners (just think of the steak!) and wine tasting with plenty of delicious reds to choose from.

Also, romantic getaways don’t have to include just you and your partner. You can always book a group tour and enjoy the luxury of having all the itinerary sorted for you. You can follow parts of it and have loads of brilliant experiences to fill your days, and when you’re looking for some time out together, you can detach from the group anytime you want.

6. Morocco

There’s something truly unique and mysterious about Morocco, that just makes it one of the most sublime destinations for Valentine’s Day or for a special anniversary. There’s plenty of romantic and exciting things you can do, such as seeing the Royal Palace, taking a guided local tour of the Marrakesh, staying in a traditional riad, tasting the delicious local cuisine and much more. Morocco is a once in a lifetime experience and a complete sensory overload – perfect if you like to push each other out of your comfort zones!


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5. Portugal

If Portugal hasn’t made your travel list yet, then it’s definitely time to rectify that. Lisbon, Porto, Santa Cruz… there are so many exciting places to choose from! Why not check them all in one go with an all-round Portugal tours cover multiple cities? Immerse yourselves in Portugal’s culture by enjoying some of Lisbon’s famous food markets, taking a street art tour or taking on a guided tour of Porto.


Image source:Contiki

4. Italy

Are you surprised? This beautiful European country had to make our Valentine’s Day getaways list. With so many cheap flights to Italy on Valentine’s Day (and actually all-year round), it’s a no-brainer. And may we recommend one of the most romantic destinations of all time: Venice? Historically, Valentine’s Day in Italy was celebrated as a Spring Festival and couples would go strolling in parks, relax in beautiful gardens and follow the tradition of placing a lovelock on the side of a bridge and throwing the key away. Sounds pretty perfect to us…

3. Barcelona

While Barcelona traditionally celebrates all things romantic on April 23, that shouldn’t stop you from traveling there on any other day of the year. The sceneries are exquisite and the beautiful Gaudi-style architecture will make exploring the city all the more romantic. At sunset, you can make your way to the beach and then for the absolute perfect view of the city, make sure to visit Bunker del Carmel.

2. Thailand

A romantic getaway in Thailand is definitely one of the BEST ways to surprise your loved one and help them fall even more passionately in love with you. Relaxing beach vibes, sipping Mai Tai cocktails until dawn, taking a river cruise – whether it’s partying or relaxation you’re looking for, this place was made for couples.



Image source:Contiki

1. Paris

Yep you guessed it, how could it not be the City of Love? Paris is definitely one of the most popular destinations for couples in the world and the best Valentine’s Day getaway you could possibly plan! There are so many things to do here as a couple: from strolling down the Champs Elysées Avenue, enjoying brunch at a local brasserie, taking a romantic dinner cruise down the Seine or… climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating romantic memories with your partner in Paris. Ahhhhh love!

These are our top choices for some of the most romantic V-Day getaways in the world, but enough about us. What will you choose for that special trip with your loved one? Have you got any other ideas that we haven’t included in this list? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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