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The best Christmas gifts for every type of traveller

christmas presents for travelers

Fact: Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. There’s a little more magic in the air than usual, people are in better moods, which we think has everything to do with eating till you can’t move, and even better, napping is not only accepted but encouraged. Plus, you get PRESENTS!

If you ask us though, one of the best things about Christmas is actually giving presents (closely followed by receiving them, of course). We all know how tough it can be to choose the perfect present for all the important people in your life which is why we’ve put together our top gift picks for the traveller in your life, no matter the type of traveller they may be.

The coffee addicted traveller

Wacaco Capsule Minispresso 

My housemate will not start the day without a (good) coffee. Straight up refuses to. I once travelled with her to Japan and, not content with chain café coffee, she made me walk through (seemingly endless) alleyways at the crack of dawn to hunt down the perfect morning cup of Joe. If only she had this portable, hand operated, capsule coffee machine then, it would have saved me a lot of pain.

coffee christmas present

Image source:Tyler Nix

The digital nomad traveller

Portable laptop charger

Power banks are great for travellers but the standard ones you can buy for a few dollars often aren’t powerful enough to charge batteries any bigger than a smartphone (like say, a laptop?). Enter the Anker Powercore+, capable of charging laptops, phones and even your Nintendo Switch. You’re right, you should buy one for yourself while you’re at it.

The eco traveller

Steripen water filter

Avoiding single-use plastic bottles can be hard when travelling through countries where the tap water isn’t safe to drink. Cue, the Steripen! Simply submerge the pen into your water bottle, turn it on and watch it work its magic. Using UV to sterilise the water, you’ll have safe drinking water in less than a minute.

The serial over packer

Camry Luggage Scale

We all have that one friend who thinks they need seven pairs of shoes for a week away—this gift is for them. They’ll never have to pay those infuriating excess baggage charges again and it’ll all be thanks to you and your savvy Christmas shopping. Whether buying your friend a portable bag scales is a gag gift or completely serious, it’s always better to know whether your luggage might be overweight before driving to the airport. That way you can decide what will or won’t make the cut.

luggage scale

Image source:Dmytro Matsiuk

The “not without my mascara” traveller

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

In a previous life I worked in the beauty industry, so I know a thing or two about keeping your skin the best possible condition when travelling, and the key is HYDRATION! This cult hero mask is ultra-hydrating and packed with antioxidants to soothe stressed skin. With chestnut extract for natural exfoliation, vitamin c for a boost of brightness and niacinamide—an all ’round skin powerhouse that reduces pores, uneven skin and fine lines—your beauty loving friend, and their skin, will thank you for this one.

The traveller who loses everything


I have a friend who has trained their dog to find their mobile phone, such is their habit for losing EVERYTHING. Meanwhile, my dog sometimes can’t even find the ball I’ve thrown him at the park. Tiles are the perfect gift for anyone who, like me, doesn’t have a dog who could moonlight as a customs officer. You can attach a tile keyring to anything: your phone, keys, luggage, diary, anything. Then, you just sync it with the companion app which will allow you to track your item (and locate it) wherever it is in the world.

If none of the above really hit the mark, then give the gift of travel and buy your loved one something that they really want like a Contiki gift card and send them packing. The card can also be redeemed on flights, pre/post accommodation and travel insurance, booked through Contiki. After all, the best gift in life is the experiences you’ll never forget.

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