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Contiki Talks all about those pre-departure nervous butterflies: friends, fitting in, and safety

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Welcome to Contiki Talks, your newest guide, teacher, and sensei who will answer all your most pressing Contiki questions! From basic concerns about what to pack, to questions about safety and travel etiquette, Contiki Talks is your expert with all the answers. Kind of like a wise little grandma (so 36, by our standards) with all the secrets to life…

We asked you to write your questions to Contiki Talks and this month we’re tackling friends, fitting in, and safety on trips. After all, social travel is all about the social part (duh) and forming connections with new people (it’s what we love most!), so it makes sense for us to start on this topic.

How to make friends on a trip as an introvert

How to make friends on a trip as an introvert

Charlie Fabre
by Charlie Fabre Dec 11, 2023

“I’d love to meet people and travel, but I’m worried about my safety as a girl during group travel”

This is such a valid concern – safety, especially for women, is the number one thing on anyone’s mind when travelling. It might help you to know that 65% of Contiki travellers are women! So, you’ll most likely be travelling with a bubbly, supportive, and loving sisterhood anyway.

That being said, everyone deserves to travel the globe safely regardless of gender, sexuality, or background, and there are always risks while travelling and it would be callous not to acknowledge these. Beyond providing fun and awesome memories, our Trip Managers’ number one job is to keep you safe and make sure you get from point A to point Z all in one piece (physically and mentally).

If you ever feel uncomfortable at any point during your travels, your Trip Manager is always there to help you out in any way they can. And with social travel you’ll find that you’ll be making close-knit friends who will band together with you to help you overcome anything. Everyone, from any walk of life, is welcome on a Contiki and our staff and travellers reflect these values as well. 

Contiki travellers in New Zealand

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“What happens on the first day? I’m nervous about meeting people”

Firstly, remember that everyone else is probably feeling the exact same way you are! Most of our travellers join solo so you’re all in the same boat: a little nervous and eager to make friends.

Your Trip Manager knows this as well, and the first day of your Contiki is filled with both information and ice-breakers. They’ll take you through the functions of the trip as well as certain rules, and once all those logistics are out of the way it’s time to get to know each other. Everyone will give an introduction, divulge various facts (fun or otherwise) and then you’ll all play some games to let that awkwardness melt away.

Often on trips, like ones that start in London, travellers will arrive at the departure point a day or two in advance. You can arrange to meet people beforehand so that by the time you’re hopping on the Contiki coach you’re already best of friends!

Why your Contiki roomie is the piece of the vacay puzzle you never knew you needed

Why your Contiki roomie is the piece of the vacay puzzle you never knew you needed

Charlie Fabre
by Charlie Fabre Dec 22, 2023

“I’d love to join but I’m worried I’ll be the only 35 year old”

You won’t be! Many of our travellers are 30+ enjoying as many Contikis as they can, and they bring that same joyous, active, and boisterous energy as the travellers on the younger end.

But regardless of age, our Contiki travellers are like-minded, travel obsessed peeps from all over the globe with lots in common. You’ll make friends and connections all over the place and pick up on new perspectives along the way! 

That being said, if this is something you’re really worried about and you’re really keen on travelling with people closer to your age demographic, some of our trips do skew slightly older such as Safari and Latin American trips, as well as some of our single-country shorter track destinations like Scandinavia

Book the Contiki you want and as long as you’re your most genuine and authentic self you’ll fit right in with the crowd. 

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