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Exploring the newest term on the block: Ecofeminism

A woman embracing ecologically sustainable values, leaning against a brick wall with ivy growing on it.

With new global challenges comes new terminology, and the newest term on the block combines two of last year’s hottest topics of conversation: planet earth, and women. Intrigued? So were we…

It’s no secret that gender plays a role when it comes to caring for our planet. As pointed out by the United Nations, environmental conditions impact men and women differently. Different gender roles mean women face a road-block when it comes to feeling empowered to protect the environment, alongside the fact that women and children face more health issues due to environmental damage, such as contaminated water.

Ecofeminism recognises and addresses the gender inequality and disadvantage faced by women when it comes to their environment. It’s a movement that calls out the maltreatment of planet earth whilst simultaneously addressing female oppression. Basically, it’s an all-round badass theory that combines the fight for female empowerment and the fight for nature conservation.

Still not quite sure what eco-feminism is? Well, it’s a tricky one to define per se. It’s not so much one theory as much as a collection of different concepts.


Ecofeminism demands the breakdown of hierarchies when it comes to environmental issues, instead placing both men and women on a level playing field, ensuring equality lies at the heart of all communities that rely on their natural environments.

So how does ecofeminism apply to us? And more importantly, why should we care? Well, it’s no secret that the past year has been both a turbulent and powerful time for women. Everywhere, we’re seeing industries getting called out for their sexism (as well they should) and shifting gender roles to ensure women are getting our time in the spotlight.

We’re also understanding more about our planet, and our role in taking care of it – and how much it needs our help right now. With the water crisis in full swing and a war on plastic in full effect, Ecofeminism applies a feminist lens to caring for mother nature to ensure she’s around for future generations. You might already be an ecofeminist, you just don’t know it yet.