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This is the hardest part about meeting your best friend on holiday

Friends together in Portugal

When you’re bored, lonely or get a sudden spark for adventure you’re immediately texting your BFF ‘gurl let’s meet up ASAP xx’, right? Suddenly you’re binge-watching Netflix together, planning next week’s brunch and out on a late-night Macca’s run to satisfy your chicken nugget craving.

…But what if your best friend is someone you met overseas?

Oh, those post-travel blues

You explored foreign cities together, laughed at each other trying escargot for the first time, danced the night away each night – then suddenly after some emotional goodbyes, they’re just… gone. Travelling introduces you to some amazing new people and incredible experiences but for those who met their BFFs, this is a serious struggle. Why? Because the hardest part about meeting your best friend overseas is the cruelty of distance and time.

Group of male friends

Emojis for emotions

It starts off like any post-holiday blues; you miss the crazy parties, scrumptious desserts and the thrills of adventuring in foreign lands. As you eventually learn to cherish these just as beautiful memories, something still feels missing. Or someone. You’re no longer translating Dutch menus together, she’s not there to rescue you from a locked bathroom, her 6:00am alarm doesn’t wake you up before yours goes off anymore. Weeks become months, months roll into years. You’re basically left longing for the best travel bud you’ve ever had…

It’s important to live in the moment but technology now has a greater role in your life because it connects you to them – from tagging them in glorious memes to heart-felt conversations after midnight. But texts don’t really compare to intriguing coach ride chats. Wild night Snapchats might make you laugh but it’s also damn nostalgic. You can’t hug them when they’re upset, so heart emojis become your show of virtual love. When the strongest friendships are subjected to all that physical distances, it can be incredibly tough.

A group of friends on a boat at sunset, reflecting on their 2018 resolutions.

Bonded for life

And yet despite all the hardship, nothing can truly stand in the way of your friendship. As BFFs, these are just obstacles! Your bond is stronger than that – there’s too much love there. In the end, you got to experience such an incredible overseas adventure with her by your side and to have remained so strong after years of being apart, well… it’s mind-blowing really!

Winter Wonderland in London

Keep holdin’ on

Through Contiki, I met my beautiful best friend in London two years ago and I haven’t seen her since. Despite this, she’s my other half, my sister, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her. If you ever meet your own best friend overseas, take this advice: don’t let it fade away. Because if you truly care about them, you’ll build a long-distance friendship that lasts. And they’ll continue to be unlike any one you’ve ever met – that’s what makes them so magnificent!

Elicia, I miss you girl.


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