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How do I… use a drone to capture travel content?

Drone flying over forest

Addicted to watching epic pan shots of waves breaking or vast forests? Interested in take your travel videos to the next level? It might be time you experimented with a drone.

Okay, so they’re not in everyone’s budget but if you’re passionate about creating travel content then it might be worth it. Just make sure to read up on drone licensing before you go as they’re not always welcome everywhere!

What’s the best drone for beginners?

DJI is the market leader and offers a drone for everyone. Beginners should look at the DJI Mavic Air as a starting point. I’m currently shooting on the DJI Mavic 2 Pro – it’s a bit pricier but it offers a better camera and longer flying capabilities.

How much noise do drones make?

It really depends on the type you get. A NASA study found that the buzzing sound of drones were nearly twice as annoying to the average person as the same volume of noise produced by a car! But the tech’s always evolving, and DJI’s newest models are probably the quietest. Just be conscious when you’re using it in public, as you may annoy the locals!

Where can I fly a drone?

Make sure you have a drone licence and check out  all of your locations before flying. Many national parks may seem deserted but are in fact classified as ‘no fly zones’, so be sure to do your research before flying a hobby drone on your travels. If in doubt, check out the local government guidelines.

What’s the secret to taking an amazing drone photo?

The beauty of drone cinematography is about establishing a place or location. A big, bold wide landscape is always major key when trying to articulate the beauty of a destination. 

What are the quick and easy steps for creating a great video clip?

I often just like to lay out all of my content on a timeline and start cutting through every clip to find the best sections of all of my footage. When it comes to telling my story, I know exactly which bangers I’ve got to use and the rest of the rushes I normally don’t use. 

This skill takes years of practice to master but the more you do it the better you become at finding the gold in your content. The key is to just keep making more edits.

What about sound effects and music?

Sound design and music is so often overlooked, as it’s such a powerful tool to get viewers to really feel something. I’d recommend leaving the transitions and SFX until last and focusing on better audio and sound design to enhance the story rather than trying to create a visual experience that might not have a great story.

Is there any weather I should avoid?

With drones, windy conditions are always problematic so make sure you’re not putting your camera at risk by flying in high wind or on a rainy day. Then, I’d switch the drone shot for a 360 shot if you can get your hands on a 360-camera, they’re always just as interesting when chasing unique perspectives.

How do I… use a drone to capture travel content?

How do I… use a drone to capture travel content?

by Jake Rich Oct 18, 2019

What’s the best drone editing software to use?

The Adobe Creative Suite has you covered. For beginners, Adobe Premiere Rush is a great place to start, while experts tend to use Premiere Pro & After Effects – the software really has video editing dialled! 

Anything else I need to know?

Just go for it! But if in doubt, check out my ‘how to capture drone photos’ video…


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