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How to party and travel like a boss – Find the perfect balance!

A group of people at a party with their hands raised in the air.

Early checkouts and hangovers, airports & pints, passports and anxiety, arranging your own transfers and hassle (had to throw that in there)…some things just go hand-in-hand. Take social travel and a bev. Let’s face it, when we book a trip away our minds transcend, and all we can think about is the promised bliss to come. Lounging by the pool, cocktail in hand. Waving over the bar staff who is now your best mate to pour us another, way before the first one has had a chance to touch the sides. It’s a total vibe and we’re here for it.


But at Contiki, we’re also here to open your eyes to new and exciting things. We want you to experience the thrills of travel (not just forgot them *Beer Emoji*) and leave your Contiki with a full memory bank. Not in a wet flannel kind of way, but in a way that has you looking back saying “shit…that was cool” and “Man them people were awesome!”

So, WHAT is the perfect balance between the hard send and travel? Let’s have a stab at it.

Look, day one always gets out of hand. We don’t blame you…in fact, go for it. The day has finally come where you get to stick the ‘out of the office’ on or put down your study guide for a well-deserved break. So have a beer, sod it, have three. Meet your new travel squad, embrace being in your chosen destination and tell a stranger you love them.

For the rest of your trip, we would be lying if we were to say that you are not going to have a few wild nights [only if you’re into that sort of thing!). But it is ALWAYS important to remember why you are there. Just imagine waking up in Vietnam too hungover to witness the power of Ha Long Bay or being too tired to embrace the climb to an awesome mountain top in Hawaii laughing at the one person attempting it in fake Gucci sliders bought for $3 last night…been there.

A boat is floating in a body of water.

Storytime: I arrived in the incredible Byron Bay, Australia on a Friday night, a few moons ago with a huge squad of party people and we sent it. We absolutely sent it, the most Byron Bay way possible…beers were guzzled, tequila was slammed, and beaches were slept on (do not recommend). I woke up (thankfully) back in my hostel, Johnny Depp-style hungover, dazed and confused. The rest of the squad was nowhere to be seen! Hello anxiety my old friend.

It then hit me that we had a kayak trip booked early doors that morning to go socialise with the local cute AF dolphins. In a panic checking my sandy, beer-stained phone (that was also sporting a lovely new crack straight down the centre) …it was 12:30pm…3.5 hours after our set departure time, and exactly like that time I sacrificed 2 hours of my life to witness Tom Cruise’s remake of “The Mommy” …I have never forgiven myself.

Morel of the story is everything in moderation! OR don’t do what I did and book an early excursion the morning after a big night. If you know that Thursday morning you must be up early to do something cool, maybe don’t go for that 4th tequila.

Tip – Get a buddy and have a tactical chat…

” Dude, if you see me with a shot tonight, do a Will Smith and slap that shit out of my hand”


“Girl, the minute I start rapping every word to boom boom pow…take me home”

Allan Hinton - Contiki group sailing Whitsundays

From someone who has done his fair share of travelling and partying, I can tell you that the things I remember the most are the moments I spent with great people, doing great things and yes sometimes that did involve a beer but we also explored temples, swam caves, dived off cliffs, ate local food, and spoke with local people. We found hidden gems, discovered back roads and sometimes got lost. But I tell you something…we would not have done half this stuff we had if we were too busy with our heads stuck in $10 buckets from dusk till dawn.

Two people jumping into the water near a waterfall.

So, remember why you’re here. Make the most of the people that you are with! Before you do take that shot, ask yourself “How will this add to MY experience” If the answer is anything but fantastically, perhaps it is not the best idea.

Overall…just have a bloody good time. Take it all in. Have a beer. Remember why you are there. Be safe. CONTIKI TIME BABY!

A group of people posing for a photo on a hot air balloon.

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