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Turning the Hunger Games Districts into Fabulous Travel Destinations

Faroe Islands

What’s better than filming locations? How about showing you where in the world we think the real Hunger Games district locations would be! Panem is a futuristic and dystopian version of the United States with each district making up a large portion of the land, essentially becoming 12 mega states. But, with each district having a niche specialty, we felt that certain countries across the world were better suited.

Our list of contenders is below, so read along, and maybe you’ll even be inspired to book a holiday and pretend to be in a version of The Hunger Games where all was well! 

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The Hunger Games filming locations you should travel to to feel like Katniss Everdeen

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District 1, Luxury – Paris, France

Well, a lot of European countries and cities could have made the cut for District 1, but nothing says luxury quite like Paris: cobblestone streets, cafés and bistros at every corner, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Versailles… It doesn’t scream of decadence, it whispers, it gives off a vague air, as true luxury does.

District 2, Masonry – Barcelona, Spain

Many countries have stunning architecture – from Dubai’s man-made Palm Islands, to the iconic skyline of New York City. But, one architectural dream has kept the world mesmerised for a century: La Sagrada Familia. Barcelona’s near complete cathedral is a large gothic structure which startles the city’s skyline and creates true fascination for residents and tourists alike. This makes it one of the perfect real life Hunger Games district locations.

District 3, Technology – Seoul, South Korea

Is there a country more prone to imagining insane and such utterly cool technological advancements than South Korea? It’s a no brainer that South Korea and Seoul would be our choice for District 3! Neon lights, robots, Samsung – they’re one of the world leaders in tech and they’d provide the best and most efficient gadgets to the dear Capitol. A visit to Seoul is sure to electrify even our most experienced globe-trotters!

District 4, Fishing – the Faroe Islands

Of course, any country with a coastline will have a strong fishing industry. But none quite exemplify the quiet fishing town aesthetic like the Faroe Islands do. Colourful and quaint houses, the lushest of lush hills atop black cliffs and surrounded by open water – it’s downright idyllic! Who wouldn’t want to settle down here for a cosy life with Finnick Odair?

District 5, Power – Sweden

District 5 is a crucial one as it provides power to the Capitol, and all the other districts as well! Therefore, the sources have to be reliable and sustainable. It’s for this reason that we’ve chosen Sweden as our District 5. They’re one of the leading countries in sustainable and renewable energy, and are paving the way for a better future to allow the continued thriving of people! Sounds exactly like what Panem might need.

Cityscape of Stockholm, Sweden

Image source:Contiki

District 6, Transportation – Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo could easily have been a contender for District 3 as well given the flashing neon lights that grace the city and Japan’s multiple stunning technological advancements – but one of those advancements is perfect for Transportation! The Shinkansen bullet train is the fastest in the world, and the sleekest looking model as well (with some quirky custom ones like the Hello Kitty train) – it’ll get you anywhere in Japan with ease and style!

District 7, Lumber – Canada

Blessed with forests upon forests upon gorgeous forests, Canada is the obvious choice to represent District 7. You could get lost in the beauty of this place, just roaming under a sky of pine needles and maple leaves for miles. Plus, imagine all the beautiful wildlife hiding throughout the canopy? Honestly, District 7 could have been a lot more wholesome than what the Hunger Games turned it into…

District 8, Textiles – India

From the vivid and elegant Sarees to ornamented and gorgeous Lehengas, India is a country that knows how to treat fabric and turn it into something truly magical. India is the perfect country to represent Textiles and we know they’d produce the most stunning and jaw-dropping outfits for the tributes to wear for their interview with Caesar Flickerman! And though not technically a textile, the intricacies of Henna on skin speaks to the artistic skill this notion holds.

District 9, Grain – Java Island, Indonesia

For District 9 we’ve turned to a country who is one of the leaders in all things grain, specifically rice – Indonesia. Indonesia is the world’s 3rd largest rice producer, producing it in the Java Island region which is home to a beautiful and warm climate. Over half the world’s population consumes rice, so Java Island and Indonesia are absolutely the place to be and make a perfect Grain district. 

District 10, Livestock – Brazil

Meat, meat, and even more meat! Brazil doesn’t shy away from mouth-watering beef and poultry dishes complimented by spicy and well-seasoned flavours; and they’ve got the livestock to sustain it too! This one was a no-brainer, they’d be the best country to deliver delicious and hearty meals to the Capitol.

District 11, Agriculture – Midwest, USA

The USA is one of the leading agricultural industries in the world – their biggest crops are Corn and Soybeans (there’s even a section of the US nicknamed the Corn Belt). But on top of that, the USA is an absolutely enormous country with tons and tons of room to expand their crops and grow more food! Plus, the climate is quite diverse, allowing for lots of crop variations. This makes the USA the perfect hub to stand in as District 11. 

District 12, Mining – Australia

And finally, last but not least, everyone’s favourite, the home of the Girl on Fire, District 12! This District is the Mining one, and though this may surprise you, Australia is the perfect place to settle down for that. Similar to the USA, it’s just a massively huge country, and mining is quite the prevalent industry here already. Plus, when the workers are done, they can go and relax by the beach – what a treat!

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