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10 of the prettiest Amalfi Coast towns

Atrani, Amalfi Coast

What do you picture when you think of Italy’s Amalfi Coast? Pristine blue waters, stacked seaside towns that are as colourful as the fruit that grows there, fresh-scented lemon groves, and plenty of Aperol? If that’s your image of the Amalfi Coast, then you’d be correct, and isn’t it a total beauty!

As you daydream about your heavenly holiday, the planning takes a little bit of a back seat. Lucky for you, Contiki is here, and not only will we plan every step of your immaculate Italy trip, we’ve also got a list right here of the 10 prettiest Amalfi Coast towns for you to visit. Your trip will become a no-brainer, all you’ve got to do is hop on a ferry to catch them all.

1. Positano

This picture-perfect Italian town deserves the top spot on our list due to its famed cliffside. It’s probably the most iconic Amalfi Coast town, and with good reason!. Pastel buildings are nestled amongst the greenery of the hills, with artisanal shops, museums, and world-famous restaurants along the steep streets and alleyways.

Drop in for a bite to eat, or a local drink of Limoncello or Fragoline at spots like Casa e Bottega, Buca di Bacco, and Ristorante Donna Rosa. And, of course, the town boasts beautiful beaches and swimming spots for you to enjoy, both private and public. Many vendors in Positano will sell the beautiful Testa di Moro which you might recognise from the White Lotus season 2 – a worthy souvenir if we do say so ourselves.

Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Image source:Contiki

2. Atrani

A VERY short walk from the town of Amalfi, Atrani holds the title of Italy’s ‘smallest town’ at just 0.12 km². But what Atrani lacks in size, it makes up for in delicious food, friendly locals and charming architecture.

Sample local seafood at trattorias like Ristorante Savo, A’Paranza, Le Arcate or Le Palme. Check out the historic town centre, the Church of St. Salvatore and Spiaggia di Atrani (the town’s beach). It’s quaint and quiet, so you can spend some peaceful time here and enjoy what Italy is all about!

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3. Capri

Okay, though technically not an  Amalfi Coast town, this Island in the Bay of Naples is often considered to be part of the collection. And it’s so beautiful; we just had to include it on the list.

Capri is home to the picturesque Blue Grotto, where the Tyrrhenian Sea glows electric blue within the dark cave thanks to sunlight streaming through. But this beautiful island is more than just one tourist hot spot. There are plenty of hiking trails to take on, including the walks on Monte Solaro, The Pizzolungo and Via Krupp.

There are also lots of beautiful ports to stroll along, like the main Marina Grande or the smaller Marina Piccola (pictured below). And, of course, there’s no shortage of places to swim, with La Fontelina and Lido Il Faro being among the best.


Image source:Contiki

4. Ravello

One of the few towns not set directly along the shores of the Amalfi Coast, Ravello sits above the coastline with the cliffside town elevated at 365m. This means the town is beloved for its incredible views, especially those from the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Villa Rufolo.

You can get to Ravello by taking a bus from Amalfi for a winding scenic journey. Ravello is often considered the ‘city of music’ and was a popular retreat for all kinds of artists to spend some time consulting the muse. A must-see sight of the town is the Villa Cimbrone and the balcony which overlooks the coast in a view that can only be described as regal.

5. Amalfi

It wouldn’t be a list of the prettiest Amalfi Coast towns without the place it’s named after. In contrast to towns like Positano, the postcard-worthy shoreline of Amalfi is dotted with bright white buildings at the foot of the Monte Cerreto Mountain.

The breathtaking coastal town is known for its laid-back vibes, with Spiaggia Grande among the most popular beaches to relax on, hosting 2 free lounge areas, and 4 private clubs. Sample the local drink, Limoncello, at one of the many local stores along the village streets, or enjoy a hefty scoop of lemon gelato in a classic, enormous Amalfi lemon!

Experience the rich culture of the town with a visit to the Museum of Paper, Cloister del Paradiso with stunning Moorish architecture and lush gardens or the mediaeval Cathedral of Sant’Andrea.

Amalfi beach, Amalfi Coast

Image source:Charlie Fabre

6. Furore

In Furore, you can relax along the water, sample local wines in Cantine Marisa Cuomo and dine in a number of drool-worthy restaurants and cafes. Though the most iconic sight to add to your bucket list is the Fiordo Di Furore, the only fjord in Italy and a staple of any traveller’s Instagram feed.

The relatively quiet beach is the perfect spot for a dip when cruising between towns on the Amalfi Drive, with the bridge itself jutting out above the emerald waters.

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7. Praiano

Another one for those seeking relaxation, Praiano is known for its artsy community and chill vibes. Check out the Torre a Mare, an artist’s studio created in an old mediaeval guard tower, or visit the golden Church of San Gennaro.

Take a dip or explore the restaurants of Marina di Praia, a sheltered cove with beautiful blue waters to enjoy. If you’re up for a bit of a hike, the town also acts as a gateway to the Sentiero Degli Dei or “Path of the Gods” with a long, long staircase to the top.

8. Maiori

Relax on the town’s namesake beach, Mare a Maiori, check out the beautiful church Collegiata di Santa Maria a Mare, or simply wander through the Palazzo Mezzacapo Gardens. 

Maiori is one of the bigger Amalfi Coast towns and is a lot flatter than some of the hill-y ones like Positano. It’s home to the largest beach of the coast, and a long history of art with galleries dotting the streets. While here, you also hike your way from Maiori to nearby Minori on The Path of Lemons, a panoramic walk winding among the lemon groves of the coastline. Aromatic and adventurous.

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9. Minori

This enchanting village is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the incredible sights like the Basilica di Santa Trofimena and Villa Marittima Romana under their protection.

Most importantly – for your tastebuds – the town is also renowned for serving up some of the best pasta in Italy. Yes, that’s the best pasta in the land of pasta – we don’t attribute this little lightly!Grab a napkin, fork, and dig in at eateries like Midnight Sun, La Locanda Del Pescatore, Giardiniello and Ristorante ‘a Ricetta.

10. Vietri sul Mare

Gateway to the Amalfi Coast, Vietri sul Mare is your first taste of the coastline. Though the town doesn’t have quite the dramatic effect of a steep cliffside, like Positano, it does still boast incredible colourful buildings and winding streets waiting to be explored.

It’s also the ceramics centre of the region, with countless stores to peruse. Check out Ceramica Artistica Falcone, Artemika Ceramica, Ceramica D’Urso Cosimo, or the most famous, Ceramica Artistica Solimene Vincenzo, for those iconic Testa di Moro and other local treasures and souvenirs.

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