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Roger Federer and Trevor Noah took an awesome train ride through Switzerland… and you can too

group of friends aboard a train in Swiss Alps

Did the unlikely pairing of a tennis player and a talk-show host taking a train ride through Switzerland ignite that chocolate and watch loving heart of yours? Or perhaps the names Roger Federer and Trevor Noah mean nothing to you and you’re just a big fan of railroads and fast travel. Either way, when you see Switzerland Tourism’s quirky video, you’re guaranteed to be inspired to hop on a train yourself. 

And boy, do we have the journey for you. 5 words: Contiki and Jungfraujoch Railway & Train.

Roger Federer on a train to Switzerland

‘What’s that?’ we hear you ask, well hold on, we were just about to tell you (exciting isn’t it)! How does a smooth and easy ride up the Alps’ sunny snow-dusted countryside sound? The Jungfraujoch Railway & Train is Europe’s highest railway line and part of the UNESCO world natural heritage site: Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch region.

The trip is a 3,454m long trail of bliss and stunning views overlooking the Alps’ grassy mountains and bright blue sky as they quickly turn into twinkling snowy peaks. Mt. Jungfrau is one of the few places to have snow during the European summer, marking it as a very special place indeed.

Best of all, you get to experience this tranquil train ride through Switzerland with no racket and with a bunch of people from all over the world. And with Contiki, you never know who you might meet… If you’re an enthusiast of trains, mountains, snow, or just very high altitudes, then this trip is a certified grand slam. We can’t promise A-list celebs, but we can promise A-list experiences, and a Trip Manager to make sure you don’t get lost along the way. 

This experience is available in our European Horizon, Trail, and Escapade trips and what’s more, you won’t just be seeing Switzerland and the Alps, you’ll be seeing Europe’s biggest hits with a group of the most fun and exciting people ever. So, why not be like Roger and Noah? No getting side-tracked, we’ve got you covered.

group of friends aboard a train in Swiss Alps

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