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Read my… arms? Here are the best travel tattoos (inked on a Contiki)

A person with a travel tattoo on his arm.

These legendary souls inked their travel memories where they’ll never forget…

When did travel tattoos become such a big thing? Since prehistoric times, humans have inked personal info onto themselves. But the trend of tattooing destinations, travel memories, and quotes in another language seems to have taken off again this year, big time. Maybe it’s to make up for all the lockdown hours when we were cooped up…?

The surprising thing is, loads of these epic tattoos seem to appear while travellers are on a Contiki trip!

Contiki recently made an open appeal to travellers, asking for stories of the tattoos they got abroad, to see if this trend is really where it’s at. We’re all for spending our money on experiences rather than things… but when it comes to celebrating your Contiki trip with a tattoo, you do kinda get the best of both worlds.

Here are the stories of the brave and legendary souls who will be carrying their travel tattoos with them for life…

It all started with an innocent post on social media…


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…and you lot took it from there, basically.

“I hadn’t slept in 3 days and I was on Mykonos island so naturally my friend and I got matching accident Greek writing tattooed on us… we just chose a Greek word that ‘looked the coolest”

Travel tattoo travel addiction

We saw the good…

“I got a tattoo when I was in Munich Germany on my Contiki trip! Highly recommend!”

“I got a bamboo tattoo in Koh Samui and it healed immediately because it was bamboo. Did get it done at the end of the trip though”

“There was a tattoo guy in our hostel in Paris so I got this done. Was like 2nd last day of the trip”

A woman with a tattoo of a plane on her wrist.

The slightly intoxicated (no-one’s judging)

“Got a drunk tattoo in Ko Phi Phi”

“Was drunk in Vegas and me and one of my contiki mates got ships tattooed on us because friendSHIP ?”

“Getting a backwards compass on my ankle in Copenhagen.. was in a rush to meet the group.. didn’t check the tattoo drawing was correct, just gave him the go ahead ?”

“Turned 22 on the 22nd of May, got 22 tattoo’d on me whilst drunk in Miami!”

A tattoo of the eiffel tower and other landmarks.

And the downright adorable…

“Met Aussie on my 1st. Booked 2nd together. Woke up in Krakow, got matching hearts”

“Got one on a contiki by an artists who’s family has been Jerusalem since 1300”

“This is the one I got in Munich… it says “Fernweh” which means Wanderlust in German”

A woman's wrist with a tattoo that says ferweh.

Join our community (and get matching tats?)

Contiki Travel Lounge is the place to be, if you wanna’ see and share your travel photos, questions, inspiration, and yes – tattoos! But it’s also where tons of soon-to-be travellers send that first message, reaching out to a stranger they’ve noticed will be taking the same trip. For many, it’s a fond memory. That was where their first friendship on a Contiki began. And maybe where ideas about travel tattoos begin to hatch?

Of course, all the members in this club will be 18-35 and love to travel (or want to). So what you’ll find is a community of young people that share similar passions and have a lot in common. Join today and find your Contiki tribe!

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