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Study reveals best vegan-friendly cities in the world (2022)


From rainbow burgers to plant based pho, here are the vegan-friendly capitals of the world

We hear this question all the time: which is the best city to visit if you’re vegan? A new study has revealed the top vegan-friendly cities in the world, based on the number of plant-based restaurants, cafes, and places to eat there. 

The assurance of vegan food choices on holiday is important to loads of travellers today… and not just for those following a strict vegan diet, either. We are seeing a huge trend of globetrotters looking for plant-based meals! From ‘flexitarians’ (those who consciously aim to eat more plant-based food) to veggies and pescatarians, too. 

Here are the top 10 travel destinations that offer outstanding vegan food options (plus some top picks from the six-two team!)


How are the best vegan-friendly cities calculated?

The Vegan Word revealed an extensive list of cities to be vegan in 2022, using restaurant data obtained from Happy Cow. The blogger has admitted that there could be some level of inaccuracy, but in terms of vegan food research out there, this is a super great start. 

The list is calculated based on the average number of vegan eateries per 100,000 people.  According to Contiki, who have just launched a new vegan trip this year, this list reflects the destinations that travellers have been swayed to in the past year rather well! Keep scrolling through to find the paradise for all things plant based…

vegan holidays
Love vegan food as much as you love travel? This trip is for you

Love vegan food as much as you love travel? This trip is for you

Dominic Oliver
by Dominic Oliver Oct 28, 2021

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

This chilled backpacking hotspot is a vegan haven with plant-based Thai, Burmese, Indian, Chinese, and Western cuisines on offer. There are 32.2 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents, according to The Vegan Word, plus vegan cooking schools like Mai Kaidee.

Check out: 

  1. Reform Kafe for vegan Thai classics
  2. Munchies for burgers (locals call it the vegan version of McDonalds)
  3. Pun Pun for tasty fermented foods
contiki group in thailand

2. Ubud, Bali

Ahh Ubud, you tropical slice of paradise you. As well as lush jungles and rice terraces, this little town has a whopping 28.1 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents (hint: that’s A LOT). Visit during Bali Vegan Festival and dine on raw vegan tacos and smoothie bowls all in one place.

Check out: 

  1. Lazy Cats Cafe for pink dragon fruit smoothies and crepes
  2. Locavore for vegan and veggie fine dining
  3. Warung Rama for classic Indonesian food and lots of tempeh
mountains in Ubud. Bali

Image source:Radoslav Bali

3. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, the largest of the islands in Thailand, is known for bountiful mountains… but in 2022, this city is also plentiful for vegan food! Phuket storms the list of top vegan cities this year, perhaps due to its growing population, which has more than doubled since the year 2000. Doesn’t knowing this make your Thailand holiday feel so much better? 

According to The Vegan Word, there are 15.1 plant-based restaurants per 100,000 people in Phuket. Like Chiang Mai, the city also runs its own Vegetarian festival, drawing in locals and tourists alike every year, usually in September or October.

Check out: 

  1. The vegan table for creamy vegan cheesecake
  2. Dok Bua Vegetarian Restaurant for ‘pork’ with sticky rice
  3. Yo Green Vegan & Vegetarian for delicious stir-fries
Women celebrating the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand

Image source:Anna Sushok

4. Tel Aviv

The multicultural city of Tel Aviv is home to approximately 11.2  vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants per 100,000 people. Veganism is serious business here – vegan floats join the parade at Tel Aviv Pride and there’s an annual Vegan Congress where activists and experts come to speak.

Check out: 

  1. Anatasia for homemade plant milk 
  2. Alegria for daily vegan specials and a great little deli section 
  3. Meshek Barzilay for classic Israeli specials, done vegan
Tel Aviv at sunset - one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world

Image source:Ben Dutton

5. Lisbon, Portugal

No Portugal trips with the intent of eating vegan are complete without a stop in Lisbon. The sunny capital of Portugal now has around 24 vegan restaurants open, with many cafes offering vegan versions of the city’s infamous golden pastries and delicate crêpes. Blogger and former Lisbon resident The Nomadic Vegan also says the city is home to the most creative sushi options.

  1. Zarzuela for vegan (and gluten free) pasteis de nata
  2. Legumi Sushi for colourful avo rolls and ngiri
  3. Las Vegan for epic focaccia sandwiches
A balcony overlooking the sea in Lisbon ,Portugal - one of the most vegan friendly-cities in the world

Image source:Jisoo Kim

6. Brighton, England

With a population of just 290K people, Brighton in England is a city where you never have to walk too far before finding a delicious vegan spot. There are around 9.3 vegan restaurants per 100,000 people, showing up the rest of the UK with plant based realness, hun! 

  1. Green Kitchen for brunches that’ll cure your hangover
  2. Purezza for plant-based pizza parlour specials 
  3. Flower Burger for the prettiest rainbow burgers around
Brighton pride by the pier

Image source:Guy Tsror

7. Amsterdam, Holland

When will Amsterdam stop giving us the good vibes? The cute cafe scene, distinctive waterways, friendly locals, eco-friendly policies… the list goes on. But how many vegan places to eat are in this adorable European capital? 

8.3 is Amsterdam’s vegan score, with just over 1 more vegan restaurant than Brighton per 100,000. The burgers at Vegan Junk Food Bar are to die for… and best yet, no animals had to die for us to enjoy them! 

Check out: 

  1. The Vegan Junk Food Bar for their calorific, but delicious vegan munchies
  2. Loving Hut for Asian-fusion comfort food
  3. Meatless District for family meals, reinvented
Amsterdam canals

8. Portland, Oregon

Hailed as the most vegan-friendly cities in the U.S., plant-based eating is in the fabric of Portland culture. With an average of 8.2 vegan eateries here, there’s plenty of meat-free munching to go ‘round! 

They include a cheese shop, Vtopia, with over 20 types of vegan-friendly varieties. Need we repeat ourselves? Portland is 100% the US city break you need in your life! 

Check out: 

  1. Homegrown Smoker for BBQ and soul dishes
  2. Virtuous Pie for vegan pizza and ice cream
  3. Ichizia Kitchen for pan-Asian and rare oolong teas
Portland Oregon skyline

Image source:Adam Blank

9. Atlanta, Georgia (US)

Atlanta is home to CNN, The World of Coca Cola, and the beautiful Centennial Park. But there are also 6.3 vegan restaurants per 100,000 people, taking it to number nine on our list! Sevananda Natural Foods Market in north-east Atlanta is also there for all your plant-based grocery needs. 

  1. Herban Fix for juicy spring rolls, sushi rolls, and crystal rolls 
  2. Tassili’s Raw Reality for your healthy wellness fix 
Atlanta, Georgia

Image source:Erin Doering

10. Vancouver, Canada

Last on our list, but still an incredible diverse landscape for vegan food: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This city has one of the prettiest skylines but also 5.9 plant-based eateries per 100,000 people. 

Think we missed one off the list? Check out some special recommendations from the six-two team.


Vancouver, Canada

Image source:Elton Luz

More vegan-friendly cities

Taipei, Taiwan

Apparently, 40% of Taiwan’s population is vegetarian as the majority of people follow Buddhist practices. Buffet restaurants are a thing and you can choose from lots of vegan local dishes. For breakfast, you’re spoilt for choice with all the fresh tropical fruit on offer. 

  1. Hoshina 穗科 – Da’an District for scrumptious handmade udon noodles
  2. Shàng Dǐng HuángJiā 上頂皇家 – Main Station for veggie dumplings while you wait for a train 
  3. Vege Creek 蔬河 – Yanji St for one pot vegan wonders. 
London, UK 

The vegan scene is exploding in London and the city now has over 687 vegan options for food! From Indian deliciousness to mouthwatering meat-free burgers, there’s plenty to get your teeth into, which definitely makes it one of the top vegan friendly cities in Europe you could go to. Flipside on Cowcross St does a bangin’ mac and cheese, with optional vegan toppings like crispy rashers and caramelised onions… hey, are you drooling?

Also check out: 

Berlin, Germany 

This bustling capital is also one of the most vegan friendly places in Germany, with over 800 vegan restaurants in and around the city! There are even vegan hotels popping up such as Almodovar Hotel, where sustainability is king (and queen). Head to ‘vegan avenue’ or Schivelbeiner Straße where there are also vegan clothing stores.

Prague, Czech Republic 

With over 245 vegan restaurants in the city, Prague offers a buzzing vegan-friendly foodie scene alongside plenty of Eastern European history. In the Czech capital there are brilliant vegan brunches and stews galore, so prepare to tuck in.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is both one of Europe’s most cultured cities and most exciting plant-based destinations (great news, vegans!). From fully vegan bakeries to raw bistros, you definitely don’t need to wander far to get your whole food fix. There’s even a three-day vegan summer festival that’s been running for 21 years – VeganMania is one of Europe’s largest vegan summer festivals and admission is free. 

Which vegan city will you visit first? Coast through plant-based capitals of the world and eat the best food on our Vegan Explorer trip, accompanied by none other than recipe extraordinaire, The Little London Vegan!


Vegan veggie stiryfry

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