Inside ‘The Most Romantic Restaurant In The World’

Everyone knows that if you’re looking for romance, Italy is the place to be. So naturally, if there was going to be a winner of the 'most romantic restaurant in the world' award it would probably be there, right? Correct! And this impossibly romantic restaurant would probably be precariously perched on the edge of a cliff with gorgeous ocean views as far as the eye can see, right? Correct again! Well surprise, this place does exists, and it certainly doesn't disappoint...

Located in Puglia, right on the Southern Italian coastline, the Grotta Palazzese summer restaurant gives diners a chance to experience an intimate lunch or dinner whilst looking out over the Adriatic Sea. The cave it’s located in was carved out in the 18th century and has long fed loved-up couples 24 metres (or 78 feet) above the water. Grotta Palazzese looks like the perfect place to share some bubbly with that ‘special someone’, and we can see why people have given it the prestigious ‘most romantic restaurant in the world’ title. The photos seriously speak for themselves…

Killer location and views:

Plus mouth-watering food and wine:

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= The perfect match. There’s no way you wouldn’t feel the love in the air in this picturesque destination.

Of course, when it really comes down to it though, it’s about who you’re with, not where you are. Romance means something a little different to everyone – that’s what makes it beautiful! While some would love an ocean view, wining and dining experience, others would find just as much romance at an indoor picnic for two with a side of Netflix. So we guess the real takeaway here is that it doesn’t hurt to experiment with romance (especially if you’re planning a trip to Italy), so why not try it out and see if Grotta really is the most romantic restaurant in the world.


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