How badly do you want to go to this Nutella Cafe in Chicago?

Every country has it’s own distinct culinary traditions but if there’s one food that unifies us, it’s our global obsession with Nutella. For all you addicts out there who would rather spoon-eat it out of the jar rather than faff around with bread, what if we told you there was an entire cafe dedicated to this jar of chocolate hazelnut heaven?

There’s a reason why a discount on this chocolate hazlenut spread recently caused riots in a French supermarket, and that’s because it’s just so friggin’ yummy. The world’s first ever Nutella cafe opened in Chicago in May last year, and I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been waiting for this moment. The cafe has not one but two floors, so you’ll never have to elbow anyone out of the way for a seat.

The cafe’s dedication to Nutella doesn’t just stop at the food: walking into the space will have you wondering if you’ve just walked into a jar of Nutella itself. The interior designers (who we’d like to hire to decorate our rooms the same way) went all out with creamy white walls, Nutella embellishments on the ceiling and hanging lights in the shape of the hazelnut flower. If that’s not art, we don’t know what is.

Nutella Cafe ?

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For the Europeans thinking a trip over the pond to the windy city isn’t quite worth it, wait until you hear what you can order. This cafe stretches far beyond the confines of Nutella waffles, in fact you can order breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one place. With all dishes inspired by French and Italian cuisine, customers can get a sweet treat from the Nutella bakery, opt for authentic Nutella gelato or even indulge themselves with Nutella fondue ‘to share’ (as if). Alternatively, artisanal panini’s, buckwheat crêpes and even soup are all fixtures on the exciting 2 page menu.


Just need a quick fix? Satisfy your cravings with a hazelnut latte topped with whipped cream and Nutella drizzle.

With so much to do in Chicago, we think you’d agree that it’s more than worth the trip. After a day jam packed with cool blues clubs, eclectic modern art museums and of course the city’s world famous Deep Dish Pizza, what better way to spend an evening then enjoying your favourite food in the company of fellow Nutella lovers? Modern, whimsical and delicious, this is an immersive experience we can 100% get on board with.

Nutella – how do you take yours? And go ?

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