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10 of the strangest things you’ll find in Iceland’s penis museum

Yes you read that correct, there is a penis museum in Iceland, and yes it is home to a collection of more than two hundred penises and penile parts. Officially known as The Icelandic Phallological Museum, this unusual attraction contains a total of 282 specimens from 93 different species of animals.

Expect to find the likes of whale, seal, walrus and even polar bear penile parts as well as a collection of about 350 penis-esq artistic oddments and practical penis utensils.

Located on the outskirts of Reykjavik in Iceland, the museum has been around since 1997, open every day from 10-6pm, giving you plenty of time to fulfil all your animal penis viewing desires. Becoming a top attraction in Iceland, ‘The Icelandic Phallological Museum’ brings in over 12,000 visitors a year, and roughly 120,000 suppressed giggles, snorts, and LOLs.

THIS is why…

It’s home to 56 penises from 17 different types of whales.

whale penis at the Iceland penis museum

Including a 5 ft. whale penis.

Came all the way to Iceland just for the penis museum #whalepenis

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And then there’s the walrus penis, proving it’s not just the whales that are well endowed.

walrus penis at the Iceland penis museum

Unfortunately we can’t say the same for this elf penis…

elf penis at the Iceland penis museum

Who knew a bull-scrotum would make such an ambient lamp? 

Whilst the reindeer penises are weirdly beautiful.

reindeer penis at the iceland penis museum

These wooden sculpture penises may terrify small children (or innocent adults).

wooden penis sculptures at the iceland penis museum

Of course no penis museum is complete without the Icelandic National Handball team’s penises, created following their silver medal victory at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Iceland national handball team penis sculptures at the iceland penis museum

Or a creative stone art penis.

stone art penis at the iceland penis museum

The Minke Whale penis is a sight to behold…

minke whale penis at the iceland penis museum

But the elephant penis is perhaps the crowning glory of them all.

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