Collecting memories on the road

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From my recent trip to South America

As a traveler, sometimes your photographs aren’t the only items you want to keep as a reminder of your trip.  For me, I like to collect those tiny shot glasses that list the name of the location, or represent something special about the destination.  They are a small memento of where I’ve been and some of them are often whimsical and quirky enough to be a conversation starter when people come to my home. 


Check out a few different ideas for you the next time you go souvenir shopping!


Usually because a magnet features a destination name and captures a scenic shot of the destination, this is an easy go-to for souvenirs.  This particular magnet was a gift to our team from our very own Heather M., who recently returned from Contiki’s Greek Island Hopping Adventure.  This bright magnet featuring a picturesque view of Santorini is a great way to share her adventure and because most magnets go on everyone’s refrigerator, it’s a good way to remind yourself of a trip long after you’ve returned.

Regional Clothing

Whether its the softest pashmina you’ve ever laid eyes on or a beautifully tailored Italian three-piece suit, sometimes the best souvenir is the wearable kind.  Claim your bragging rights as these items can’t be found in any store.  Check out these amazing Peruvian sneakers that Maggie P. grabbed on the Contiki South America trip.

Yummy Treats

Everyone remembers Kelley Last’s guest post about her Round-The-World Chocolate Tour, and sometimes nothing reminds you of a country and your travels than the tastes that you experienced while you were there. The sense memory immediately takes you back to that time you were enjoying those Australian Tim Tam cookies, or devouring Swiss chocolate in big heaping bites.  You can buy a bag of delicious coffee beans in Italy, or snack on a bag of gummi bears in Germany. Just be sure that you’re allowed to bring those yummy treats back to the U.S., mmkay?


Everyone has keys – house keys, car keys, dorm keys, keys to the office, keys to your cabinet… keys are important.  So why not dress them up with a souvenir that really reminds you of that one time you sat at a cafe near the Seine River and people-watched, or took a flying leap in front of the Louvre Museum?  Every time I take a look at that mini-Eiffel tower, I can’t help but think of Paris and what adventures might await me there.

What are some of your favorite mementos that you collect on the road?  Share a photo of your favorite souvenirs and we’ll post them on our blog!

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