Rediscovering Europe in Winter

Winter at home may not be your favourite season, but Europe sure knows how to do winter the right way! You’ve probably heard about the main perks –shorter queues, cheaper prices and fewer crowds in winter - but have you seen how gorgeous Europe is covered in snow and lights? From the delicious treats like mulled wine and baked goods, to Christmas markets and winter sports, take a look at our favourite European winter stunners...

Snowboarder in Austria
Austria - Skiing perfection
Carnival Masks
Venice - Carnival masks
Food vendor at the Christmas Markets
Berlin - Christmas Markets
Snowy street in Paris
Paris - Winter streets
Snow covered hill in Ireland
Ireland - Snowy hills
Lights in the Berlin Christmas Market
Berlin - Christmas Markets
Berlin - Christmas themed lights
Berlin - Christmas themed lights
Carousel inParis
Paris - Carousel rides
Sunset at the Arc du Triomphe
Paris - Crisp sunsets
Northern Lights
Sweden - Northern Lights
Neuschwanstein castle
Germany - Castles in the snow