10 Contiki Questions with Fashion Blogger Sazan Barzani

We are kicking off an amazing partnership with fashion blogger, stylist, and TV host Sazan Barzani, best known for her fashion blogging on her site Sazan.me. Sazan and her husband Stevie are jumping on Contiki's 13-day European Discovery trip, and stopping at some of the most sought-after destinations for any young American.

They are kicking off their journey in London and I checked in with Sazan to find a bit more about her background, why she's excited to travel with Contiki, and what her best travel tips are for you fellow travelers. Enjoy the interview!

Sazan Barzani | Fashion blogger

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and how you got your start in fashion blogging

Hi Contiki lovers!! My name is Sazan Hendrix. I think that’s the first time I’ve wrote my new name since getting hitched 2 weeks ago!! I’m a Texas native who moved out to Los Angeles 3 years ago to chase a career in fashion and beauty. I didn’t exactly know what my goal was in starting a blog but I needed a hobby to keep me busy while actively trying to find a job in the entertainment hosting world. I quickly became hooked and realized that the blogging world is a business venture. I’m currently juggling a full-time career in the digital world as well as my recent hosting gig with Access Hollywood every week. Did I mention I just got married 2 weeks ago!?!?

Sazan Barzani and Stevie Hendrix

Why do you think it is important for a young person, like yourself, to travel?

As cliche as this might sound: You only live once. When you travel, you are expanding your reach and getting to touch places on Earth that are so unique and different. There’s so much I want to see out there as a young influencer. I hope my experiences can inspire others as well. I’ve realized the happiest moments in my life are the times when I pack my bags and jet set to a new place!

Sazan 10 Contiki Questions

As of today, what is the best place you have ever visited?

Kurdistan in Northern Iraq. This region is not only extra special to me because it’s my native homeland, but the history of the Kurdistan region dates back to BC! It was so cool getting to see where I came from and all of the beautiful nature and history that surrounded me.

You are going on Contiki European Discovery trip. What makes this itinerary so appealing to you?

I get to take a big bite out of EUROPE!! I’ve never seen Europe so I’m excited to visit all of the beautiful cities and experience all of the unique cultures. I love that the itinerary includes so many discovery tours. I can’t wait to see all the historical hot spots! (and neither can my camera 😉

As a fashion blogger, what are your expectations for Europe?

My expectations are high on the shopping experience! Europe is so fashion-forward so I know I’m going to be inspired by the unique street style in every city. I’m going to keep mental notes of some of the trends I see! 😉

What items can you never leave home without?

I can’t leave my home with a camera. ESPECIALLY when I’m traveling. As a newly married gal, I want to remember this European Discovery tour for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to snap lots of pictures!

What is the best travel advice you’ve ever received?

Roll your clothes for more luggage space, bring travel-sized hair products and I think the key for traveling light is to pack a few classic pieces that you can easily re-wear and style again.

Do you collect souvenirs when you travel? If so, what are they?

I just started doing this with the husband! 🙂 We get post cards everywhere we go and on the back we write the highlights of that specific trip. We’ve also been collecting cute magnets!!

Best travel beauty tip (or travel beauty products) that are in your makeup bag?

Rose-water spray is a great beauty product to take with you while traveling. It keeps your face hydrated on the place and minimizes the jet-lagged face puffiness. I also can’t leave the house without SPF (especially when I’m traveling). In terms of makeup, concealer is key when you’re traveling non-stop.

After your Contiki, what other countries are on your bucket list?

Would love to visit Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America! (basically everywhere ha)

About Sazan

Sazan Barzani Hendrix is a fashion blogger, stylist and television host. Originally from Dallas, Texas, and now living in Los Angeles, the fashion “obsazzed” Sazan is making a name for herself in the traditional and digital entertainment worlds. Her popular lifestyle blog Sazan.me attracts hundreds of thousands of readers monthly.

Follow Sazan’s journey as she and her husband travel through Europe with Contiki:

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