The world's most epic bucket list begins right here, right now...

Carnival - Brazil

One of the biggest street parties in the world, Carnival provides a unique insight into Brazilian culture and history. Experience it yourself; dress up and join the parade or sit back and be captivated by the colour and rhythm.

Splendour in the Grass - Australia

The beautiful little seaside town of Byron Bay is transformed into a buzzing town of tepee’s and bass for four days while music fanatics pogo to some sweet sweet sounds.

Image Source - http://sniffers.co.nz/

Full Moon Party - Thailand

An all night beach party. Is there much more to be said?

image of party goes at a full moon party

Holi Festival - India

Brighten your life with a colour fight in India. Also known as the “Festival of Colours”, the Holi Festival marks the end of winter and celebrates the upcoming spring harvest season.

Yacht Week - Croatia

Grab your best pair of boardies or bikini and prepare yourself for a week of sun, sailing and yacht parties.

La Tomatina - Buñol, Spain

The best excuse for a food fight. With more than one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes, there is very little chance of you running out of ammo… or escaping with a clean shirt!

Oktoberfest - Munich, Germany

Girls – grab your dirndl & guys – don some lederhosen and head to Munich. Get involved in an important part of Bavarian culture and the world’s biggest beer festival. Enjoy steins, pretzels, bratwurst and sauerkraut as you sing and dance German-style.

Image of musicians at Oktoberfest

Songkran Festival - Thailand

An old tradition in Thailand marking the New Year (according to the lunar calendar). Also known as Thailand’s Water Festival, it’s the best way to cool down during Thailand hottest period (April).

Superbowl - USA

The NFL Championship game played annually. If you haven’t heard of this one, you’ve been living under a rock.

Image Source - http://www.wired.com/

Tomorrowland - Boom, Belgium

Tomorrowland is a huge electronic music festival that attracts dedicated fans from all over the world. Although it is an incredibly young festival, starting in 2005, the tickets took 1 second to sell out last year… Yep. 1 second.

Village Halloween Parade - New York City, USA

The one night of the year the streets are crawling with skeletons, zombies and all those creepy characters you thought you could only find in books. Dress up and join the parade or watch the terrifying event from the sideline.

Image of people dressed up as skeletons in the Village Halloween Parade
Image Source - http://observer.com/

Burning Man - Nevada, USA

Once a year, thousands of people gather in the Nevada Desert to create a temporary city of art, self-expression and self-reliance; departing one week later, leaving not a trace of existence. The best way to understand what Burning Man is all about, is to see it.

Glastonbury - Somerset, England

The mother of them all, Glastonbury is the festival of festivals. Embrace the mud, embrace your inner hippy and get involved.

Image of the Glastonbury sign