5 Fresh Items For Summer Vacation Packing

Tired of your suitcase or backpack always looking like a hot mess? Packing is like a game of Tetris - how can you maximize all that space in your suitcase, and still leave room for souvenirs and other goodies? Here are 5 items to consider when you're packing (and later repacking!) your bags for your summer vacation.

Get Neat & Tidy with Packing Cubes

Get in touch with your inner neat freak and invest in some packing cubes, which can help to sort your outfits according to days, activities, and keep you from going on a scavenger hunt on the day you need to find that swimsuit at the bottom of your bag.  Packing cubes are great for toiletries and they also come in various sizes to accommodate shoes, and other items, making them fit squarely in your suitcase without having to roll or fold.  Check out your local sporting goods store to find cells for your next trip.

Go Clean, Keep Clean

When you’re packing your clothes for vacation, they all start out clean, but as you explore cities, hit the pavement with your shoes, and take a dip in the ocean – those clothes go from ready to wear to not-so-fresh in a flash. Sometimes you don’t have time to repack everything as neatly as you’d like.  Check out Flight 001’s Go Clean set that will keep your clothes nice and tidy as you travel from place to place.  The kit includes 1 laundry bag, 2 shoe bags, and 1 stuff bag.

Freshen up your Toiletry Bag

Give your toiletries some love by giving them an organized space-saving pouch to come in.  Hanging toilery bags fold out and can hang up in your hotel room; some bags also some with detachable 3-1-1 TSA-friendly pouch for liquids if you decide to put it in your carry-on!  The bright colors also differentiate it from everything else in your luggage – so much fun!

When in Doubt, Grid-It Out

Bringing your digital devices?  Whether its iPods, alarm clocks, or other personal effects, the people over at Cocoon Innovations have introduced their Grid-It system, sure to keep all your stuff tidy and easy to maintain in your suitcase.  This will also be handy if you tend to forget your phone charger or other items in the outlet – empty spaces make you remember if you have everything!

For the ladies - Glam bags

Who says you can’t travel with a touch of style?  All your fabulous beauty products need a cozy home that is not only TSA-approved, but matches your personality and sense of style.  The glam bags from kiki c are reusable and come in different styles, so swap out that Ziploc that you’ve been using to tote around your beauty products and give the glam bags a shot!