9 Classic #HolidayFails That Will Make You Say Thank god For Insurance

We’ve all had that moment before a holiday where you’re seriously weighing up the pros and cons of buying travel insurance. On the one hand you’re covered if anything goes wrong, but on the other hand you know that’s extra margarita money you’re spending. It’s a tough choice but after seeing these classic holiday fails you’ll realise it’s actually a no-brainer to lock in some good travel insurance…

1. When your flight gets delayed or cancelled

Or ya know, both. With a few extra delays thrown in for funsies.

twitter comment on holiday fail

2. When you get injured

And it wasn’t even because you were being a daredevil. “In the space of a day, I’ve gone from ‘aww yiss I snorkelled for the first time’ to ‘aww yiss I put some tights on’. Don’t fall over, kids, it’s not worth it.” – Charlotte, @loneviolist

shot of girl with broken leg in support boot

3. How about when your luggage disappears?

It’s even more fun after a long haul flight. NOT.

twitter complaint about holiday fail

4. Or when your beloved items get broken

“Well, I made it home in one piece. The Chi did not.” – Essie, @essie.cade


broken hair straighteners

5. What if it was something super expensive too?!

Aaaaand had your pictures on it! “3000kg 4×4 car <vs> GoPro Hero 4 … photo says enough. Use original accessories, not fake ones which do not stick enough.” – Jeroen, @fotoshootoplocatie

broken go-pro

6. How about losing your passport?

No passport is coming back from Scottish rains.

twitter complaint about passport

7. What about having your passport but it's soaking wet?

Sometimes being clean isn’t worth it ????

twitter complaint about passport

8. And what if you tried to flush it down the loo?!

Yeah, that’s probably not getting through security.

twitter complaint about passport

9. How about when your passport is wet and you have ZERO cash

Oh, and that pasta in Italy went straight to your thighs. Sigh.

twitter complaint about wet passport

Best to just get travel insurance yeah?

Contiki can even hook you up with some! Check it out here.

Of course there are some #holidayfails that travel insurance can’t fix…

tanned feet in crocs shoes