The actor/movie awards snubs we just don’t get

Is there ANYONE who isn’t pissed off about the award snubs this year? Debating the winners is one thing, but just the nominations for the Oscars alone have pissed off a whole lot of people, and we completely agree with the anger.

It isn’t as if there weren’t a lot of worthy candidates; there were a ton of impressive performances and films this year to choose from. We don’t know what the heck happened, but we’re not impressed - here are our 12 biggest snubs that didn’t, and still don’t make any sense...


If you haven’t seen it already, we HIGHLY recommend it. We honestly forgot that this even came out in 2015 because it seems like it was ages ago, but it was one of, if not our favourite movie of 2015. Emily Blunt was fantastic, and no doubt, it should have been on the Best Picture shortlist. It got a few noms for cinematography, score and sound editing, but it deserves way way more accolades in our opinion.

awards snubs - Sicario

Straight Outta Compton

It’s definitely one of OUR favourite music documentaries ever, and one of the most buzzed about films of 2015 in pop culture. Considering the actors were all relative unknowns and the fact that the film in general was so darn good, the Best Screenplay nomination wasn’t enough for us.

awards snubs - Striaight Outta Compton

The Hateful Eight

Tarantino films are usually a shoo-in for Best Screenplay at least, so this omission is a shocker. It did get noms for Best Supporting Actress, Score and Cinematography, but the Tarantino snub was pretty notable.

awards snubs - Hateful Eight


It’s James freakin’ Bond. One of the most legendary film franchises ever, and Daniel Craig is still at the helm. This Bond was really good, and compared to the past sins committed by the likes of Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan, we feel like more praise should be given to Craig and Sam Mendes for what they’ve done for this franchise. We are SUPER happy for Sam Smith though!

awards snubs - Spectre

Black Mass

NONE of the major Oscar categories? Not even one?! Movies based on true stories are often some of our absolute favourites, but the story of Whitey Bulger is an especially insane ride. The story is unbelievable, the acting was fantastic (more about that later) and it was nothing short of riveting from beginning to end. The early buzz was there, and it may have suffered from an early release, but it was definitely robbed.

awards snubs - Black Mass

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It’s on its way to being the highest grossing movie of all time, so that should count for something, right? Star Wars received 5 Oscar noms, but not for any of the major awards. When you consider the last three Star Wars that we’ve been subjected to, we think it makes sense to reward The Force Awakens for an awesome franchise revival.

awards snubs - Star Wars

Ex Machina

What’s a year in film without an awesome sci-fi flick? Ex Machina was riveting, Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander were both amazing, and it’s an independent film that held its own with the big guys in 2015. It has received a lot of love from some of the smaller awards shows, but it deserves a lot more attention on a bigger scale.

awards snubs - Ex Machina

Michael B Jordan - Creed

Sylvester Stallone was nominated for Best Supporting Actor – enough said. The fact that Michael B Jordan wasn’t nominated was a crime, and we really think he showed true star power in Creed.

awards snubs - Michael B Jordan

Emily Blunt - Sicario

Emily showed us strength, weakness, vulnerability and LOADS of emotion in Sicario, and we think it’s her best performance ever.

awards snubs - Emily Blunt

Johnny Depp – Black Mass

Depp was just plain creepy, and not typical Johnny Depp creepy either. We find that a lot of his characters are pretty similar, but his portrayal of Whitey Bulger was really haunting, and one of our favourite Johnny Depp performances ever.

awards snubs - Johnny Depp

Idris Elba – Beasts of No Nation

He did get a Globe nom, but there was no love for Idris from the Oscars. He’s one of the coolest men in Hollywood, and his portrayal of the Commandant showed a level of evil that we’ve rarely seen in other films.

awards snubs - Idris Elba

Jacob Tremblay – Room

The Academy is usually pretty generous with child actor noms, so we’re really surprised that Jacob was snubbed. His film-mom Brie Larson has been cleaning up in the Actress categories, and although she was great, Jacob was equally great. So much of the film is about the on-screen interaction between Brie and Jacob, and he should have been recognized just as much as she was – especially considering his age.

awards snubs - room