Eeek! The 12 most awkward moments of the Golden Globes 2016

Historically, the Golden Globes are the fun awards show – but apparently fun morphed into awkward in 2016?

It was awkward for us watching it, it was awkward for the celebs in attendance, and Ricky Gervais definitely made sure it was hella awkward for both Ben Affleck and the Hollywood Foreign Press…

Here are some of our favourite (and least-favourite) cringe-worthy moments from this year...

The joke that never panned out

What was the point of the glasses exactly? We don’t know if the punchline was lost, forgotten, or if there never was one, but we were definitely scratching our heads at this one…

The awkward glasses

The customary teleprompter blunder

There’s always one at every awards show, and how the presenters deal with it is often a true reflection of their experience in the industry. Amber Heard and Jaimie Alexander didn’t exactly nail it…

Prompter Issues

The scolding

We totally understand that the booze is flowing and everyone is eager to chat with their industry buds, but there’s a time and place to chat, and during someone’s speech is not that time.

This isn’t a kindergarten assembly, and shushing of the audience shouldn’t be necessary at an awards show. Especially when it’s coming from the likes of Will Farrell, it’s just straight up embarrassing for all involved.

Rowdy Crowd

Ricky Gervais

We think that Ricky was more well-behaved than he usually is, but man, a lot of people in Hollywood just can’t take a joke, and it got awkward a few times. He may have gone a bit too far on occasion (ex. Mel Gibson, Bill Cosby and Caitlyn Jenner), but for the most part we thought he was funny. Judging by audience reaction though, a lot of people weren’t laughing.

Ricky Gervais

Aziz’s book blunder

It would have been hilarious if Jeffery Tambor actually won, but since he didn’t, we just felt bad that someone on Aziz’s team wasted their time with that Photoshop job, and that Aziz carried that book around all night waiting for his moment that turned out to be a flop.

Aziz Ansari

The bear suit that wasn’t

With all of the costumes and costume designers at your disposal, was that really the best you could do, Jonah?

Bear suit

Gaga spooking the heck out of Leo

We don’t know what Leo saw when he looked up at Lady Gaga, but he clearly didn’t enjoy the view. Was it terror? Disgust? We may never know, but we do know that we’d rather take the long way ‘round than take the chance of ever disturbing Mr. DiCaprio.

Gaga and Leo

The presence of Katy Perry

Were we the only ones wondering why Katy Perry was there? Apparently not, since she seemed sort of disoriented and out of place as well. Maybe she was there to let us all know that Bumpits are making a comeback in 2016?

Katy Perry

The not-so-subtle Mic Drop

Short people need love too, and we genuinely felt bad for Kevin and Ken when that mic slowly but surely lowered to their level. Ricky’s preceding joke about the Jolie-Pitts wanting to adopt them made us feel even worse for the duo, but we still chuckled.

Rachel Bloom, and the wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen in general

Rachel definitely takes the cake for the most enthusiastic and excited speech of the night, but it did get a bit manic, and we did worry for a split second that we may have a female-Kanye rant on our hands.

Despite her entertaining speech, we were even more distracted by the theme of way-too-tight tops last night – not just from Rachel, but from multiple celeb offenders. We know waist trainers are trendy and everything, but if nothing more, at least let the girls breathe…

Boob squish

Quentin Tarantino

We know he’s quirky, but with all of the flack he gets for his choice of words (in real life and in his films) he should know better by now. We didn’t get the joke, it wasn’t necessary and it definitely wasn’t funny. Jamie Foxx apparently agreed with us, and mumbled about it before his speech.

Quentin Tarantino

Leo’s Victory

Don’t get us wrong, we’re so glad that Leo won, and we think he was as well, but we soon remembered that this isn’t the Oscars, and our soul died a little bit wondering if this will be his only moment of glory during this awards season. Something in his eyes made us feel like he was wondering the same thing as well…