Travel – the ultimate medicine for a broken heart

Sugar coat it all you want – it’s character building, they weren’t right for you anyway, there’s plenty more fish in the sea – but there’s no escaping the fact that breakups suck. The anger, the sadness, the anxiety, the nostalgia, the looking at your phone every 5 seconds hoping for ANY form of communication from the ex, not one element of a break up is remotely enjoyable.

But after you’re sick of mourning, bemoaning and social stalking your ex, there comes a time when enough is enough – for you and your surrounding friends sanity. And what better way to soothe and tend to your poor broken heart, than with an incredible adventure that restores your self-confidence and lets you return home ready to tackle the obstacle course of true love once again. So for all of you out there currently hating on an ex, crying at your singleton status and wildly contemplating your cat filled life in 30 years time, quit with the heartache and prescribe yourself the medicine a doctor would never suggest – travel.

You’ll regain your independence

One of the major downsides of a relationship is the inevitable morphing of two people into one. You go everywhere as a pair, you do everything as a pair, oftentimes you even think as a pair, so when all of a sudden this comes to an end, it can be a struggle to remember who you were pre relationship – what you loved doing just for you, not for somebody else. Travel is a sure as hell one way ticket back to independence. All of a sudden you’re exploring new cities and countries because you want to see them, not because you’re following along with plans. You don’t have to accommodate anyone else’s demands – you’re living, seeing and doing under your own jurisdiction, relying completely on yourself, and having to trust your own intuition and decision making ability.

broken heart - girl taking picture on the Spanish steps

You can escape from the normalities of everyday life

There’s nothing like the same old routine to bring back nostalgic memories of an ex. Small, seemingly insignificant things like watching a movie, doing the grocery shop or going to the cinema, suddenly become painful reminders of everything you used to do together. And whilst it’s good to tackle these situations head on and come to terms with them, sometimes all you want is a break in routine, and space to just breathe and forget. A medicinal adventure to Europe, South America, Asia, or anywhere else is the world is sure as hell a change in routine, and will be so jam packed full of newness at every twist and turn that you won’t even have time to think about the dreaded ex. But more than that, you’ll come home feeling positive and recharged, with a totally different mindset. So sure, the old routine will still be there, because that’s life, but your attitude towards it will be totally different.

broken heart - boy and girl standing in field

You can create a kick-ass, jealousy inducing Insta feed

99.9% of the time we’re all for advocating being the bigger person, forgetting and moving on, but for the 0.01% of the time when you just want to drive you ex wild with jealousy and regret, we advocate the fully intentional, swimwear clad and beach bronzed to perfection Insta feed. Evoking jealousy shouldn’t be your main agenda, but sometimes it just feels sooooo sweet. So whilst you’re in a hot country, sauntering around in your barely there swimwear with some equally attractive new travel friends, it would really be a waste to miss these totally Gramable moments of glory. I mean, it’s just good sense…

You’ll discover a new attitude and perspective

Breakups aren’t just tough on us, they’re also tough on our nearest and dearest – those left to pick up the pieces once the relationship is done and dusted. And often when we’re experiencing pain or misery, the support of friends and family can go unnoticed – we kind of just expect it to be there, without really acknowledging that it is. Taking a break to travel suddenly allows you time to think – time we’re often not afforded in our busy lives, and it’s only then do you really realise what an incredible support network you actually have, and how fortunate you are to have these people by your side. Despite best intentions, breakups can make us sad, dark, angry, bitter – qualities that are draining and difficult to be around. But taking time out to heal, and to actually enjoy life again, these feelings start to ebb away. We regain perspective on what’s important, and who’s important, and suddenly holding on to that anger and sadness seems unnecessary.

broken heart - group in parc guell looking out at barcelona city

You’ll meet new friends who’ll stick around longer than a relationship

If you think about your friends vs your relationship, which one have you had for longer? We’ll hedge a bet at the first. Friends are hands down one of the best things about life, and travelling is a guaranteed way to meet a whole load more of incredible, life changing humans. When you’re in a new country doing your thing, you’re guards down, your charm offensive is on high, and you’re making new mates left, right and centre. Not only does this do wonders for your self-confidence, but you’re actually creating new relationships that oftentimes will last a lifetime, and will probably see you through a fair few more heartbreaks left to come.