Why Do You Travel? Theming Your Trip

Everyone has a different reason that they travel. Perhaps it's their first time traveling abroad alone. Perhaps you are a photographer looking to capture some iconic shots of every monument. Maybe you're an adventurer in search of the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Whatever the case may be, consider traveling with a theme in mind for your trip. Here are some different themes to consider when you're planning your next Contiki. Read on!

Being the Ultimate Tourist

If it’s a tourist attraction, you might want to go there.  Hundreds of people travel and thrive on being ultimate tourists, crossing off bucket list items like The Mona Lisa in Paris, Machu Picchu in Peru, and a tried-and-true gondola ride in Venice.  Since Contiki takes you to all the iconic sites and gives you the freedom to enjoy them, design your trip around the tourist theme and you’ll never miss out on any of the sites.

Explore the Coffee Culture of the World

Make it a ritual to visit one coffee shop in every single city that you visit and order the same drink so you can do a comparison.  After all, everyone caffeinates in a different way.  Some people travel the world to try different coffees – Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, Italian, French.  Whatever your cup of jo’ is, you can make it a point to add places such as Cafe Tortoni (Buenos Aires) or Trung Nguyen Coffee (Vietnam) so you can see how the locals prefer their java.

Same Same but Different Photos and Video

We’ve all been in awe of the photo series featuring Murad Osmann and his girlfriend “leading” him around the world (if you haven’t seen this, check it out here!)  The pose is exactly the same but the destinations change.  Or, perhaps you want to be like Where the Hell is Matt and dance your way through each country.  Why not create a collection of photos and videos with a central theme and carry that through your travels?

Leave a Piece of Yourself

Whether it’s a lock of love on the Pont des Artes in Paris, your name on the Lennon Wall in Prague, or a coin that you’ve thrown into the Trevi Fountain in Rome, do one thing on your travels that will remind yourself that you’ll have to return once again.