Treepod dining in Thailand is the foodie experience of 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat like a bird, perched above the jungle canopy? Well, we've got some pretty exciting news for you - you can now eat your meal suspended 16 feet off the ground, dining on local cuisine so yummy that it would even make the birds jealous...

The breathtaking ancient rainforest island of Koh Kood is nothing short of a paradise. It may be Thailand’s fourth largest island but it’s also the least populated, making it the ideal destination to reconnect with nature with few other humans around. Boasting pristine white sandy beaches, untouched jungle and glistening turquoise blue waters, it’s the perfect location for the uber-chic Soneva resorts newest venture: treepod dining, a restaurant in the trees.

The inspiration for this concept was the free-spirited nature of childhood, and it certainly shows. How could anyone not have a good time in a place like this?

Before you start questioning your ability to climb trees just to get to your seat (maybe I shouldn’t have skimped on those squats at the gym?), worry not. Guests enter their pods at ground level and get hoisted up into the Massang trees by cables, 16 feet off the ground. The pods themselves are constructed with woven rattan by a local craftsman, inspired by the nest-like structures created by birds, and can hold up to four diners.

Rather than swing through the trees like Tarzan (although that would be a fun thing to see) your personal ‘flying’ waiter will zip line between the trees with your meal. No matter whether it’s breakfast or dinner, the food itself is exceptional – sourced organically and from local markets. You could find yourself tucking into some mouthwatering white fish (caught earlier that day, of course) wrapped in banana leaves, or even choosing from one of the cleverly named ‘canapes in the canopy’, which includes everything from banana chips to sweet potato.

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The highlight of this experience though, is the unbelievable view from the treepods themselves. As you indulge in your super-fresh island meal, you’ll be treated to views like no other. Monkeys hanging out with their friends, birds of paradise inches away from you, breathtaking lush foliage and the gorgeous sunset above the jungle canopy.


If there’s any experience to get you truly immersed in nature, it’s this one. This dining experience isn’t just totally epic, it’s also eco-friendly.

The resort itself banned imported bottled water, instead selling its own water in reusable glass bottles – eliminating carbon emissions by reducing the transporting of imported water. As if you needed another reason to go…