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5 Things I Never Thought I’d Miss About Travel

There are certain things about travelling no one is fond of. But honestly, I’d take a delayed plane over no plane at all right now.

From all the highs to all the lows, here are the top five things I took for granted.


1. Booking a trip on a whim

Whether it be escaping a breakup, or just wanting to get away, I miss just sitting at work one day and thinking ‘yep, I’m going to quit my job and book a trip to India’.

Then going home, packing everything (and inevitably forgetting something) into a bag and just leaving. Ah, that’s a distant memory.

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2. The food

Yes, I miss the countless divine Italian pastas and the warm, comforting Vietnamese Pho. But I also miss flying all the way across the world only to eat McDonalds for my first meal.

I’d cop some Bali belly, Dehli belly and all the unpleasant experiences that come with eating dodgy street food in a heartbeat!

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3. The dodgy hostels

You know, the ones where you get along with no one? Someone has stinky feet and two people are often overly affectionate in the bunk above you…

I wish I could go back in time and hug ALL OF YOU.

I miss mingling with other like-minded and weird people, and making friends for life! Yes, even you, the one who woke me up at 3am rustling through plastic bags!


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4. The airplane ride

Whilst I used to despise being impaled by my own tray table from the person in front of me choosing to recline their seat…I wish to feel that pain again.

I even miss those really long layovers where you have to sleep on the dirty airport floor.

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5. Visiting the touristy spots

For some inexplicable reason, visiting the crowded and cluttered ‘tourist spots’ is frowned upon. The word has become synonymous with negative connotations, as if being a tourist makes us less than a real traveller.

Sure, it’s cliché to visit the Eiffel Tower when in Paris. Every tourist does it, but that doesn’t make it any less incredible.

Never again will I feel bad for choosing to dart my way through tourists, touts and cluttered markets over the less beaten path! I’m gonna visit the Statue of Liberty, and I’m gonna love it!


Image source: Contiki

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