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Abdel Alzorgan is a dreamer we can all get behind

*six-two 35 under 35 changemaker of 2018 - six-two picks category

Hailing from Jordan, Abdel Alzorgan is a water conservationist and activist with a dream we can all get behind: empowering the world’s youth and getting them talking about environmental issues.

As a child, Abdel worked on his father’s farm and began thinking about more efficient ways of using water to irrigate crops without leaving his family with no water for the household needs. Continuing with his innovation, he entered into the science fair in Jordan and won, winning them a trip to the USA.

Upon his return to Jordan, Abdel knew he wanted to do one thing: inspire the youth in his community, and awaken their passion for sustainability. After spending some time serving his community, Abdel felt empowered. He knew he wanted to change the world for the better. His motto was ‘think globally, start locally, act now.’

Abdel went on to speak at the TED x Dead Sea talk, and became renowned in his field for youth service. It gave him the self-confidence boost he needed to be more creative with his work.

You’re probably already impressed, but Abdel did not stop there. Joining the One Young World family in Zurich, he had the opportunity to be exposed to the work of other young ambassadors in the field of global warming. After having his eyes opened to the sheer scale of the environmental crisis, he knew that it needed to be put in the spotlight back in his hometown in Jordan. Alongside his friend, he assembled a team of eco-warriors and he’s now in the final steps of launching a new sustainability campaign in Tafila, Jordan.


Adbel believes in the need for equal opportunity, particularly in Jordan where the youth can be at a disadvantage. He believes in global solidarity, and the world coming together as one to face the collective challenge. Abdel Alzorgan is a dreamer, but I think it’s safe to say that he has a dream that we can all get behind.

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