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8 reasons why I chose to travel with Contiki

Leo Vacation - France

If you’ve ever mentioned plans of travelling to people before, a common response is “So are you going to do a Contiki?” Which will probably get you thinking… am I?

There are so many different travel brands, and as a first time traveller the reviews can be confusing and difficult to navigate. To help your decision, here’s a few reasons why I chose to book with Contiki…

How to pick a Contiki

How to pick a Contiki

Charlie Fabre
by Charlie Fabre Aug 11, 2023

1. The awesome itineraries

Contiki’s exciting and varied trip itineraries are what’ll pull you into booking! Promises of French cheese and wine at the Eiffel Tower are very easy to envision when stuck behind a computer screen at work or university, battling that travel bug – and you will most definitely get to see everything that is promised on the itinerary and more! 

From swimming in Mexican cenotes, to hiking and skydiving around New Zealand, and eating your way around Japan, Contiki allows the MOST amount of time possible in each destination, which factoring in travel times and all those heavy bucket-list tickers.

Contiki travellers in Japan

Image source:Contiki

2. You get to see so much!

A Contiki is a whirlwind. You’ll see so much in a small amount of time. If you’re looking at checking off those bucket list experiences and sights, a short Contiki is definitely for you.

But if you like to see the culture and lifestyle of a city, aim to book a longer, more in-depth trip. I wanted to do both, so I decided to do a Contiki to start off and then spent extended times in cities which interested me the most. I feel this is the way to do it, as you still get to do so much without missing out on any in-depth exploring you crave.

3. The comfy accommodation

Contiki prides itself on offering good value and comfortable accommodation, and their trips have a range of hostels, hotels, and even super cool and unique special stays!

Usually centrally located, or just on the outskirts, you’re always close to the fun and vibrant destinations you’re stopping at, and you can make your free days completely your own! The rooms are modern and comfortable, though let’s be honest, you’re not spending much time in there at all.

Contiki roommates

Image source:Contiki

4. The yummy food

Breakfasts are always included on Contiki, and what’s on offer does depend on your accommodation, but what’s really special are all the brilliant foodie activities your Trip Manager will bring you on! From recommending the most delicious local bars and restaurants, to participating in cooking classes that’ll teach you how to make the local cuisine, it’s safe to say your belly will be very, very, happy!

Included dinners are always a vibe with Contiki, whether it’s at a super local and traditional spot in Croatia, to the fun and always festive Moulin Rouge dinner and show in Paris. Specific diets are ALWAYS catered to as well, and we even have Vegan trips so you can explore and not worry about your food at all.

Plus, if you’re staying at one of Contiki’s exclusive properties like the Château de Cruix or Contiki’s Haus Schöneck, you’ll be treated to homemade meals which make use of local produce and suppliers so they can keep your dining experiences as sustainable as possible!

5 Contiki food experiences you can’t leave Asia without doing

5 Contiki food experiences you can’t leave Asia without doing

Dominic Oliver
by Dominic Oliver Jan 14, 2019

5. You get your money’s worth

Contiki is for the ambitious and intrepid 18-35s who want to see everything and go everywhere without the stress, hassle or surprise expenses that travelling can often incur. Not to mention the added benefit of discounted shows and entry fees that you get on a Contiki. So, I’d say it’s worth every penny!

travellers with Contiki cycling together

Image source:Contiki

6. The unparalleled Convenience

When people make a ‘pros and cons’ list to decide whether to book a Contiki, they always put down “It’s so much easier to do it on your own” as a con – but, is it though?

If you haven’t travelled before, it can be extremely difficult sorting things out yourself. Contiki does everything for you – and I mean everything! Just have yourself ready at the coach when its time to depart and everything else is easy breezy. 

It’s pretty much a VIP access pass to every major sight and destination. Your Trip Manager will know everything about where you are going and what’s the best thing to do. Most importantly, Contiki does not cut corners when it comes to safety –  especially if you are travelling solo. You will always be made to feel relaxed and safe on a Contiki trip, and that in itself is makes it so worthwhile.

7 reasons to love your Contiki Trip Manager and Driver

7 reasons to love your Contiki Trip Manager and Driver

Amy Bonifas
by Amy Bonifas Feb 13, 2020

7. The parties are out of this world

Contiki is not exclusively a party tour – your trip is what you make it! It can be a party if you want it to be as plenty of nights out and bar hopping whirls are on offer, but it can definitely be the opposite if that’s what you’re after! No partying pressure either way.

But, if you are a fan of the occasional night out and want to have a boogie at every destination all over the world, then you’ve come to the right place. From local bars and clubs, to Contiki’s very own ‘La Cave’ in France, you can dance all night with your new friends and laugh and scream and shout and let it all out.

If you’re not a party person but still want to spend your evenings out and about, there are so many other options as well! Your Trip Manager can recommend the best nocturnal activities in every city, or you can even get the vibes up in the day with your fellow travellers. On Contiki, the party doesn’t come to you, you make the party.

travellers relaxing by French Chateau

Image source:Contiki

8. You’ll make friends with people you’d never normally meet

Contiki is more than just travel, it’s social travel! And that means that you’ll be travelling with loads of other people from around the world, who you would probably never meet otherwise. If there’s any reason to book a Contiki, it’s for the people.

There’s something pretty special about travelling to the other side of the world and crossing paths with people you’d usually never ever socialise with. No matter how different you all may be, you all have this common love for travel, adventure and fun which brings you together to form one big family. It gives you this whole sense of confidence; the sense that if you can speak to a group of strangers, you can really do anything. You become so close to the people on your trip and you’ll honestly be making friends for life! Plus, you’ve just unlocked travel buddies around the globe – how cool.

Contiki Talks all about those pre-departure nervous butterflies: friends, fitting in, and safety

Contiki Talks all about those pre-departure nervous butterflies: friends, fitting in, and safety

Contiki Talks
by Contiki Talks Apr 11, 2024

So… Why Contiki?

Contiki is just something you do when you’re young. It’s the stories you tell your children and grandchildren about. It’s an escape from reality, a little world full of wonderful people and places. You’ll make memories and friendships that you will treasure forever. Whether you’re a travel guru or just testing the waters, there is definitely a trip for you.

If you can’t tell already, I give Contiki the tick of approval. Book away!

Do you have some Contiki tips to share? We want to know them. Share you stories with us here and you could see your work published on six-two… 

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