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14 beautiful lakes in Canada you really need to visit


Canada is home to the most gorgeous collection of lakes in the world. It’s vast landscape makes it the perfect home to so many bodies of water! Mother Nature really went all out and gave the land of poutine and Bieber every shade of blue lake imaginable. Add in  casual glaciers and you’ll quickly see how some of the lakes in Canada do some really crazy things. These 14 Canada lakes are basically just showing off what nature in this country has to offer…

1. Seton Lake

Located in British Columbia, this freshwater lake is actually a deep freshwater fjord, rather than a summer camp style lake. It is a 4-hour drive outside of the Vancouver area, making it a great stop for a day-trip. Don’t be fooled by it’s calm surface, this lake is actually 1500ft deep!

2. Kamloops Lake

One of the biggest lakes in British Columbia, Kamloops lake is a ‘warm lake’ thanks to inflow of water from nearby rivers. It’s not as icy as some of the others on the list, making it a great spot for fishing!

3. Duffey Lake

Duffy, or Duffey, Lake is as picturesque as they come. Mirror reflections of the mountains and noble trees, you can camp here and partake in water sports if that’s your thing.

4. Joffre Lake

If you love hikes and lakes, Joffre Lake is the one for you. Not to be confused with the nasty Game of Thrones character, this beauty is a glacier-fed slice of heaven and more easily accessed than a lot of the alpine lakes in Canada.

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5. Lake Louise

Banff’s best lake is turquoise and ready for canoes in summer, and frozen solid and ready for skating and games in winter. Lake Louise is the gift that keeps on giving. The high peaks make for a stunning view no matter the weather. While you’re in Alberta, don’t forget to stop in Calgary because there’s tons of things to do in the city to make your trip a truly memorable!

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6. Maligne Lake

This lake in Jasper is best known for its striking blue water. It might be a little cold for swimming though since THREE glaciers feed into it, but you can enjoy it’s little island, Spirit Island, or fish, kayak or canoe on it.

7. Peyto Lake

Avoid the crowds at Lake Louise and visit this lake instead! Peyto lake is a fave by locals for having an amazing viewpoint and truly blue waters. The pictures don’t lie, it really is that blue. Trust you that you won’t be disappointed!

8. Emerald Lake

If Peyto Lake is known for being blue, Emerald Lake is known for being green. The backdrop of trees and shade of the water make it feel like you’re in the middle of the forest… which you kind of are! You can paddleboard, hike and fish around the area.

9. Abraham Lake

Here’s a trippy one for you; Abraham Lake, AKA Bubble Lake, is full of frozen bubbles! It’s actually an artificial man-made lake, but if you visit in winter you’ll be treated to an unusual sight of frozen pockets of methane formed by bacteria beneath the surface. Sadly, they’re dangerous if popped so keep your lighter in your pocket.

10. Bow Lake

In the warmer months this cute little (compared to the others) lake is fringed with wildflowers and has the prettiest water. BYO picnic!

11. Berg Lake

Fed by Berg Glacier, Berg Lake is great for hikers, but even better for photographers. See that snow sliding into the water? That’s a glacier! The mountain backdrop is something else too.

12. Spotted Lake

Unlike the blue-green beauties on this list, Spotted Lake in British Columbia isn’t as photo-ready, but it is super cool nonetheless. It’s a saline endorheic alkali lake which sounds like something we do not want to fall into. In the summer you can see rings when the water evaporates and mineral deposits are left behind as ‘spots’.


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13. Garibaldi Lake

If you’re in the Whistler area, this is one lake in Canada you won’t want to miss! Garibaldi lake is the most perfect blue! This alpine lake is perfect for the gram. It’s just so damn majestic! The good news is you can camp here in the National Park and explore the surrounding meadows and trails.

14. Moraine Lake

You’ll have seen pictures of this baby for sure. Moraine Lake in Banff has snow-capped mountains on one side, and deep forest on the other, basically showing off all that is good and wonderful about lakes in Canada. Thanks, Moraine!

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So there you have it! Coast to coast, you’ll find a bunch of amazing lakes in Canada.

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