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10 of the most feel-good festivals and events around the world

Holi colour festival

At Contiki, they’re all about the wellness and positive vibes. And so are we! If your 2020 is all about reconnecting with yourself and feeling more positive, you NEED to check out our 10 feel-good festivals and events to experience this year.

1. Rio Carnival

Think giant parades, colourful costumes and some of the best vibes to get you in the party mood. Rio Carnival is one the world’s biggest feel-good festivals, with nearly 2 million people from all over the globe hitting the streets of Rio during the celebrations. Given it’s the largest celebration, it’s no surprise the party never stops. And if all of that sounds a bit much, you can always just chill on the beach? Sounds like a win-win. 

Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
When: 21 February – 26 February 2020
Get yourself to the biggest festival in the world

2. Glastonbury Festival

First of all – there’ll be mud. And lots of it. But despite this, Glastonbury is THE ultimate music festival experience. Not only are you in the gorgeous English countryside, but you’ll be hitting the d-floor to some of the best tunes and lol-ing at some of the hottest comedy acts. It’ll probably be the wildest 72 hours you’ll ever experience. But, so totally worth it and guaranteed to have you laughing all weekend.

Where: Glastonbury, England
When: 24 June – 28 June 2020
Festival ready? Find out more here 


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3. Holi Colour

The prettiest and most colourful festival you ever will see. It’s no surprise that Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. The pops of colour that shower across India for the Holi Colour Festival are in celebration of positivity and the victory of good over bad. Communities unite to show the love and respect they have for one another, all showcased through the magic of these powdery colours. 

Top tip: BYOD (bring your own dye) 

Where: All over India
When: 9 March – 10 March 2020
Feeling the wanderlust? Check out our Eternal India trip.


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4. Edinburgh Fringe Festival

It’s smiles all round at this festival. Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival is all about the new faces and names in comedy and theatre. The streets are packed with performers showing off their incredible talents – from comedy acts to tap dancing and plays. It’s nothing short of fascinating. And as if this festival couldn’t get any better – it’s on for nearly a WHOLE month. So there’s a whole load of fun to be had. 

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
When: 7 August – 31 August 2020
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5. Mardi Gras

A contender for the most vibrant and colourful parade, Mardi Gras in New Orleans is one you just have to experience. Mardi Gras translates as ‘Fat Tuesday,’ of course. Parade celebrations and masquerade balls span across two weeks and always finish on the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of lent. The celebration is in aid of eating the remaining rich foods before the Lent season of fasting begins. 

Where: New Orleans, USA
When: 25 February 2020
Find out how to attend

6. Coachella

Boasting the biggest names in music, Coachella is the place to be in 2020 for feel-good festival vibes. As well as the main stage – where the likes of Frank Ocean and Travis Scott will be headlining this year! – the festival also offers everything from vintage markets and art studios to the tastiest food vendors. Make sure you pack your yoga bag because Coachella is also the perfect place to practice your downward dog, too. And… chill.

Where: California, USA
When: 10th April – 19th April 2020
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7. St Patrick’s Day

A global day of celebrating true Irish culture? We’re in. Let the country be sprinkled with green! It’s a day of guaranteed fun with street parties and fancy dress leprechauns aplenty (and not to mention copious amounts of Guinness!). St Patrick’s Day is a must for your calendar. 

Where: Celebrated globally
When: 18th March 2020
If you want to be in the midst of the celebrations, check out our Ireland trip.

8. La Tomatina

This Spanish festival is dedicated to… tomatoes. La Tomatina dates back to 1945, and until 2013, participation in the event was unrestricted. This meant nearly 50,000 people hitting the streets for the ultimate tomato fest. Yep, people gather together in the streets on Buñol and throw tomatoes at each other. Why? For entertainment purposes only. We suppose it’s a good way to let off some steam, right? 

Where: Buñol, Spain
When: 26th August 2020
Get involved in the tomato throwing action!

9. Happy Place Festival

It’s all in the name. Following her chart-topping podcast, ‘Happy Place’, Fearne Cotton has created a Happy Place festival and it’s ALL about saying byeeeee felicia to the negative vibes and hello to the good stuff. We’re talking live podcasts, creative workshops, yoga sessions and feel-good advice. Totally cool with us.

Where? Chiswick House and Gardens & Tatton Park
When? 3rd + 4th August / 7th + 8th August
Get your tickets to the Happy Place Festival

10. BaliSpirit Festival

As if Bali wasn’t already the destination of dreams, BaliSpirit Festival is perhaps the ultimate feel-good festival in the world. Set amongst the breathtaking rice fields, the BaliSpirit festival is guaranteed to help you re-energise and includes a whole host of experiences. Experience traditional Bhakti music concerts, take a breathwork class and of course get stuck into plenty of yoga.

Where? Ubud, Bali
When? March 29th – April 5th
Feeling the tropical vibes? Book it here


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