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12 of the most scenic running routes across the globe

The most scenic running routes

Running holidays are on the rise, there are thousands of long distance challenges across the globe and more of us are packing our trainers when we travel than ever before. The best news is, the world is your oyster when it come to picturesque running trails. So, if you want to breath in the fresh air and go running while on the road, here’s some inspiration for your next trip – we’ve pulled together 12 of the most scenic running routes around the world to give you the best travel and fitness feels in one…

12. Bondi to Bronte Beach – Sydney, Australia

We all know that Australia is known for its beaches and this run includes some of the country’s finest. This scenic 5km beach run is from Bondi to Bronte beach in Sydney, so you can soak up the sun and spectacular coastal views. If you want to enjoy this run uninterrupted, wake up early as both of these beaches can get pretty busy during the day. It’s also a great place to enjoy seasonal art installations by Sculptures by the Sea, which add a little local artists’ touch to the scenery.

Bondi Beach

Image source:Mudassir Ali

11. Canals of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam may be known for its thousands of bicycles, but why not switch things up and go for a run? The city’s historic canals are beautiful, which makes planning your route super easy. Our recommendation is a 10km run around the four notable canals: Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht. These canals are extra special as they feature some of Amsterdam’s older, more beautiful homes. And if you have some more time, take a light jog through Vonderlpark and Rembrandt Park. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

10. Howth Head Cliff Loop – Dublin, Ireland

Outside of the city centre of Dublin, this 7km run goes along the Irish sea. Starting outside the Dart train station in Howth, you’ll run up to higher ground past lush green meadows, cliffs and beaches on a dirt trail. What makes this run extra special are the coastal views on one side and the city lights of Dublin on the other.

Scenic Running Route - Ireland

Image source:Damiano Baschiera

9. Table Mountain – Cape Town, South Africa

One of the best ways to experience Table Mountain is by running up it! This route begins as a run and turns into a hike towards the end. Follow the Pipe Track trail for about 10km for jaw-dropping views of the mountain, city and beach. It seems like a lot of work, but trust us, the views are worth it.

8. Lagunas Altas Loop Trail – Patagonia Park, Chile

Up for a challenge? This 23km hike has panoramic views that make all the sweat worth it. Start off near the Westwinds campgrounds and take a trail up the hill a few kilometres away. From here, follow the red-and-white painted rebar poles for a steady uphill run. This path isn’t a straight one, so our recommendation is to follow the experts’ instructions from the Patagonia Park. Remember to dress in layers, bring water and snacks, as this trail is a long one.

Patagonia Park

Image source:Agustin Gaute

7. Four Royal Parks – London, England

Take a break from exploring the city and enjoy nature like the locals do. London is home to plenty of parks, which make for great running routes. Our favourite running route is the Four Royal Parks. This 10.5km run takes you across Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Green Park and St. James Park. You’ll even do a bit of sightseeing and run past Buckingham Palace.

The sun is shining on a group of people in a park.

Image source:V2F

6. Promenade des Anglais – Nice, France

A classic seaside run along the Côte d’Azur and Mediterranean Sea, this scenic running route has separate paths for people walking and biking, making it easy for you to run along the promenade. This 7km coastal run will give you major Mediterranean vibes with views of the boats and marinas. You’ll also pass plenty of beaches with iconic blue and white umbrellas that have become a staple in the French Riviera.

Nice, France

Image source:John Jason

5. Lake Zurich – Zurich, Switzerland

Take in the waterfront views of Zurich with this scenic running route. You’ll experience the best views of the Swiss Alps and the local city culture. Set your own pace and run for a far as you want. The lake is narrow and has only a few bridges, so this run is a great ‘out and back’ one, versus doing a loop.

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4. Seawall – Vancouver, Canada

Designed as a defence against the sea, this scenic running route extends over 22km along Vancouver’s shoreline. It’s the oldest uninterrupted waterfront in the world, that now acts as a recreational area for the local community. Go on a light jog and take in the Pacific Ocean. There’s also a 10km run along a portion of the Seawall, where you’ll see Lions Gate Bridge, totem poles and Vancouver’s rowing club. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors the way the locals in Vancouver do!

Scenic Running Route - Seawall Vancouver, Canada

Image source:Gabriel Santiago

3. Santa Monica Beach – Los Angeles, California

Santa Monica Beach has become one of the most popular beaches in LA. Start your run at the famous Santa Monica Pier and run through Venice Beach to Washington Boulevard. Not only will you run along the beach, it’s a great way to soak in the highlights of California. You’ll see the infamous Muscle Beach, outdoor basketball courts and the Venice skatepark, making this 5km run seem like a breeze.

2. Meguro River – Tokyo, Japan

Along the river, this 4km run crosses three of Tokyo’s wards: Shinagawa, Setagaya and Meguro. What makes this run one of the most enjoyable runs in the country is the positioning of the trees. They provide shade during the sunny days and add a little extra protection when it’s raining. During the springtime, the river becomes even more beautiful as the paths and trees are full of cherry blossoms, making it quite a sight to see!

Meguro River - Tokyo, Japan

Image source:bantersnaps

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1. The Charles River – Boston, Massachusetts

No list would be complete without Boston. Known as one of the best running cities in America, Boston’s run culture is HUGE! This city is home to the Boston Marathon – the oldest annual marathon in the world. For a classic Boston run route, try running along the Charles River. Lined with trees and paved paths, this scenic running route has heavy running traffic on it all year round. Our recommendation is a 7.5km loop from the Boston University Bridge to the Longfellow Bridge for beautiful city skyline views, plenty of boats on the river and MIT’s campus grounds. What a stunner!

Ready to start running? We’ve only highlighted 12 of the most scenic running routes around the world, but you can enjoy a run while travelling anywhere in the world. Remember to bring your best pair of runners and dress for the weather, and you’ll be exploring the streets in no time.

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