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How to explore Jasper National Park on a budget

Jasper National Park

When the Canadian Rockies come to mind, you might envision the pristine lakes or the towering mountains. What you may not think of is… the big expense. While Jasper National Park is a stunning destination, the high prices make it hard to afford for me and my fellow penniless adventurers. Hopefully these budget-friendly tips will help make this national park a more accessible destination for all…

Be smart with accommodation

Accommodations are a quick way to empty your wallet, and while Jasper has a wide selection of beautiful hotels and cabins, they’re often overpriced and overbooked. That’s why the following options will leave more room in your budget for the fun stuff:


Pack your tent because this is by far the most affordable option out there! There are plenty of scenic camping spots in and around the national park to chose from, just be sure not to car camp outside of authorized campgrounds because that can result in a fine costing more than the average hotel room.

Stay near the park

If you’re ready to venture a bit out of Jasper, you’ll find the small city of Hinton packed with affordable hotels and Airbnb’s.

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Cook for yourself

Food prices can eat up your budget really fast! Yes, there are amazing restaurants in Jasper National Park, but the cheapest meals are always the ones that you cook yourself. So, be sure to stop at the supermarket instead of a restaurant if you’d like to save big money in this park.

Travel during low season

While Jasper is beautiful in the summer, the winter is when its beauty really shines and prices drop drastically. Winter in Jasper is magical and really isn’t a compromise – there are plenty of fun cold-weather activities to keep busy during the winter, think ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing!

Take advantage of free days

Like any National Park, entering Jasper for any amount of time requires a small monetary fee. However on certain holidays, or Canadian celebrations, the National Park Service will often offer free admission to all National Parks around the country. Keep a close eye on the Parks Canada website for these deals.

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Meet the locals

An affordable yet deeply rewarding way to connect with Jasper is to book an experience with some of the locals. Take this fireside chat and herb walk with Matricia, a Warrior Woman of the Cree First Nation ethnic group. Not only are you supporting local indigenous artists and communities, you’re also learning something valuable about the richness of the land and the cultures that have historically inhabited it. (You can meet Matricia on any Contiki trips that visit Jasper).

So why not take a trip to Jasper National Park? With these tips, your experience in Jasper will much more enjoyable and affordable. You’re welcome.

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