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25 best things to do in France

Things to do in France

Mon amourFrance is one of the most picturesque, romantic, and culturally rich countries in the world with no shortage of items to add to your bucket list. You’ll never be able to see, do, or eat it all, but here are 25 of our favourite things to do in France to get you started:

25. Climb the Arc de Triomphe

The Arc is a beauty from below but the views of the Eiffel and the rest of pretty Paris are worth the leg workout.

Paris from the Arc

24. See the Moulin Rouge

There are so many amazing shows to see in France but the Moulin Rouge is at the top of this list – complete with great food and wine of course. Enjoy the feathers, dancing, singing, magic, and stunts on your next trip to Paris.

23. Explore Versailles

The palace of all palaces will give you endless home envy, where you can work all your best angles in the Hall of Mirrors. Explore the stunning grounds and envision what royal life was like in a time before modesty was quite so admirable.

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22. See Notre Dame

Even though Notre Dame is still being restored after it caught fire in 2019, it’s well worth a visit when you’re in Paris. One of the most distinguished buildings in the world, Notre Dame has some of the most stunning stained glass you’ll ever see. The nearby Sainte-Chappelle is a must-see for this reason too.

Notre Dame

21. Café hop

People watching is a popular pastime in France, and cafés are the perfect place to do so. The experience celebrates the chance to get together, relax and enjoy a great time with friends. Something we’re all looking forward to more of next year!

20. Meet Mona Lisa at the Louvre

The Mona Lisa is arguably the most famous piece of art in the world, and seeing her enchanting smile (or is it smirk…?) for yourself is a must-do for any Paris visitor.


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19. Wander through Montmartre

As one of the trendiest areas in France, there’s always something beautiful, unique and delicious to find in Montmartre. So have some fun checking it out!

18. Sip Champagne at a picnic

A baguette is mandatory of course – some charcuterie wouldn’t hurt – and real champagne is the best way to do it. Enjoy a Parisian picnic in any of the beautiful parks and green spaces in France.


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17. Spend the day eating in Lyon

Lyon is known to be one of the most gastronomically rich cities in Europe. From escargot to tartare, the Michelin rated restaurants are everywhere. Budget-conscious? You’ll find amazing cheap eats all over the city too.

16. Explore the Paris Catacombs

These underground ossuaries are one of Paris’ hidden gems. Go 20 meters underground for a unique perspective on Parisian history.


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15. See Mont Saint-Michel

This island of architecture is one of the top things to do in France. See it for yourself to understand why. The monastery and houses around it on the island appear to rise out of the water like magic, and it’s a lovely place to explore on foot too.

Mont Saint-Michel

14. Wander Musée d’Orsay

The Louvre may be Paris’ main museum attraction, but the Musée d’Orsay is a massive wonder, full of impressionist masterpieces and French art. Definitely worth a visit just to spot a Renoir, Monet, or Van Gogh in real life.

13. Take a cooking class

French cooking is one of the most famous and highly regarded styles in the world. Once you pick up some of the skills to take home with you, you’ll thank yourself for years to come.

12. Wander lavender fields in Provence

Maybe it’s because of the soothing properties of lavender. Maybe it’s all for the ‘Gram. Either way, the stunning fields of purple lavender are some of the most unique and visually stunning places to see in France.


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11. Relax in Old Town Nice

Once you’re all beached out, the Old Town is one of the prettiest places to wander along the coast. It has its fair share of endless delicious eats and tiny cobblestone streets to get lost down.

10. Spend a gourmet weekend at a French chateau

A trip to France wouldn’t be complete without a taste of luxury. A couple of evenings of wine, yoga, and relaxation by the pool of a French chateau will make quick work of all of your worries, at least for a little while.

French Chateau

9. See the Pont du Gard

This ancient Roman bridge almost looks like the Colosseum unrolled, and it’s a unique and impressive architectural feat to see in Southern France.

8. Shop on the Champs-Élysées

Maybe you’ll pick up a crêpe, or something chic. Either way, this stunning street in Paris is worth a wander, even if you’re just window shopping.


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7. Find your new favourite pastry

France may not have invented the pastry, but they’ve sure perfected it. From pain au chocolat to éclairs, macarons to tarte tatin and even mille-feuille, there’s a French pastry for every mood and occasion of the day. You can’t leave France until you’ve had your fill.

6. Get on the Seine

Maybe it’s a relaxing dinner cruise. Maybe it’s some salmon fishing. And by 2024, you’ll probably be permitted to swim in it too. Regardless, some time on the Seine is mandatory when in Paris.

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5. Explore Cannes

Celeb spotting, yacht ogling, swimming in the stunning waters – it’s a life we could get used to. Cannes does a number on the wallet but it’s worth a short and sweet visit for the coastal luxurious charm.


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4. Ski in Chamonix

Ski lovers flock to Chamonix for a reason. It’s one of the most stunning and pristine ski areas in the world, with an amazing French flair.

3. Hit the Beach in Nice

You just can’t make a list of things to do in France without Nice. The shores of those blue Mediterranean waters are some of the most beloved places in the French Riviera. The ability to combine French city life with beautiful beaches makes Nice a favourite for so many visitors.


2. Go on a wine cycling tour in Burgundy

French wine is divine, and there’s nothing like completing your own Pour de France through the French countryside. With rolling vineyards and storybook streets, the Burgundy region was made to explore on two wheels.

1. See the Eiffel Tower by night

She’s a beauty in the day, but oh does she shine at night! The magic of Paris is amplified tenfold lit up in the dark, and the Eiffel is the grand finale. She’ll steal the show and steal your heart with her magical, glowing silhouette.


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